GB&C Local rules!

-This is an on-topic forum
Threads and posts should be substantially and primarily about guitar/gear building, customization, modification, repair, etc. This is not a forum to ask about the basic use or playing of your gear, or for questions about settings, techniques, what guitar/amp/pedal to buy, or what order your pedals go in. Similarly, threads with low-effort content or little substance (like "What are the best pickups" or "check out my strat") will be closed. You'll get better results if you give more information about your situation and question!

GB&C is open to builders and modders, and we want to see your work! However, UG is primarily a community and is not a place to collect more views or hits for your blog or youtube channel. If you are making a thread here for a build or a project, please make sure that it has some content for UG. Don't just copy/paste your blog post, or link a youtube video, or upload pictures. Those things can be part of your thread, but please stick around to participate in the discussion and contribute to the community.

Any content that is indistinguishable from advertising will be removed and result in a ban. We are serious about not turning this into an advertising space! Please, please help us make this space about collaboration and craft, and not about your business. All the GB&C local rules can be summed up this way: We're a discussion forum, and not your blog.

-Bumping old threads
Please don't post in old threads needlessly. If you have a question, start a new thread or use the quick questions sticky. Please reserve "necrobumps" for updates on build threads, or for genuinely necessary conclusions to threads that were not resolved.

That's it! Message a mod if you have questions. Welcome!