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Vendetta V 07-09-2011 12:28 PM

The Digitech Thread

Welcome to the only Digitech thread!

The Digitech Thread is ran by Vendetta V and Kutless999
Feel free to PM us anytime :)

The fact that you're here means you love Digitech, and so does everyone here! :D
Feel free to post your thoughts and questions on Digitech's products along with settings, issues, solutions, experience with other pedals and whatnot.

we are accepting clips of the pedals.
just one thing please, make sure it's an instant play file and not a download-only file.

Please let this thread be as clean as possible, the usual forum rules apply (ie. no double posting, flaming, trolling... etc,) be polite to everybody and everybody will be polite to you :)

Here's some info on their current line of products
The name Digitech is usually associated with DSP based multi-fx pedals, however they also offer a line of separate pedals (some of which are again digital of course) (also under the trademark HARDWIRE pedals) and recently they've added a line of amplifiers including Solid State and modeling amp combos and a 150 watt tube halfstack.

Multi Fx pedals:
(if anybody has experience with older multi-fx or the GSP1101, you can write a little description/review and PM it to me)

RP models Link

They have both floor and rack multi-fx units, the current production includes old models RP70, RP90 (BP50, BP90, for bass) and fairly newer models RP55, RP155, RP255 RP355 RP500 RP1000 (BP355 for bass) and a GSP1101 which is a rack unit.
People often talk about bad experience with Digitech multi-fx units however that is usually with older generation pedals (may be even malfunctioning already units) . I myself haven't had a long-time experience with older stuff: have only once heard a dude from another band play with my drummer with RP50 which was all the way broken (most of the buttons were missing) but it wasn't that bad (tho the quality of the sound in general was bad so it could mask the whole thing up).

The newer generation models however (from RP150, 250, 350) got a new DSP2 chip which surely made a big change and with the newer generation, the RPxx5 models along with RP500 and RP1000, they totally changed the whole feel of their units, first of these units (both the older and the newer) come in a very well manufactured die hard metal which is quite durable. RPxx0 (or 5) models include plastic footswitches which will be fine if you're not a hard stomper, I've used these for years in studio and gigging and my units still look(ed) totally new. I had a RP250 and then upgraded to RP355 which i never regretted.

Now a bit about the difference between these two generations: both as I said feature a very solid looking metal chassis (metallic with some pattern on the xx0 models and black o the xx5 models, i think with the xx5 models they were really trying hard to make these things look very professional, for me they succeeded pretty well), Bright LED screen (which is green in the xx0 models and red in the xx5 models), xx5 models have the addition of 20 second looper (with endless overdub options but with limited controls on the recorded stuff and no undos). Both generations have USB output for recording straight into your computer, which does have a little latency however if you hook everything up the correct way you won't have any latency at all for monitoring. RP355 also has a mode called stomp mode where the three stompswitches act as a on/off switch for Distortion, FX and Delay. RP500 and RP1000 have a deeper switching system with a more control on the effects (with RP1000 having a 2 FX loops: 1 for external pedal chain and 2. for plugging the unit before the amp and in the FX loop at the same time giving you the ability to use the preamp models (or the FX that go before the amp) in front of the amp and the time based/modulation FX in the FX loop at the same time along with even more versatility with the switch that bypasses the amp's preamp).

The Expression pedal on the models that feature one are well constructed and tough (didn't break after i dropped my guitar on it) and have a V-switch so that you can turn on the wah wah whenever you want (just rock it forward and push it a bit further, push it again and the wah wah turns off). The ones without a expression pedal feature an optional expression pedal input.

The things also have a nice drum machine (which is pre programmed but has a bunch of beats to jam with), unfortunately the drum machine can't be used in conjunction with the looper.
Digitech also claims that all the units with USB in/out option can be plugged to an iPad (and probably iPhone and iPod touch) with an additional plug adapter for recording (I have no experience with this).

Guess this gives a nice grasp idea of what the units feature.

iPB10 Link
This is the newest creation of Digitech which works with an iPad.

Amps Link
(I have no info on these, if anybody's willing to contribute, again please PM me)

Single PedalsLink
(I'll leave this for kutless i think :) more info needed :))

Bad Monkey

Probably one of the most popular stomp boxes that Digitech makes. The Bad Monkey ranks right up there with the Ibenez tube screamer, the ts 808, and the Boss Od-3. Many people recommend it for those on a budget, but still wanting a great sounding overdrive.

Thanx to Kutless999

Other pedals:
Harmony man, Jamman, Whammy (volunteers? :D )

Whammy Re-issue

Ah yes, the Digitech Whammy, one of the pedals that Digitech is known for, and yet another great pedal from Digitech. One of the best pitch shifting pedals you can buy. From the "dive bomb" effect to the harmony effect , this pedal can do it all and it sounds great. The re-issue model has a midi in/out to control pitch bends via cc's.

Thanx to Kutless999

Jamman Series

Of course I can't forget the famous Jamman. From the jamman delay to the jamman solo, these pedals are great for recording and live use.

The new jamman solo can store up to 99 different loops and up to 35 minutes of total looping time. This is from Digitech's website "Load up the JamMan with bass lines, drums, harmonies, and more; create an entire backup band, take it with you, and perform anywhere!"

The solo is a really great pedal to have for recording and gigging guitarists. Here's a clip for the Jamman solo

There's also the jamman delay, which is basically a digitech jamman with a built in delay pedal, which gives you two different pedals all in one compact design.

And then there's the jamman stereo, which is a jamman solo except that the loops are in stereo, not mono. The jamman sereis has reinvented how guitars create loops.

Thanx to Kutless999

Hardwire pedals:

(again need info)
Deviec kindly posted some pictures from his hardwire pedals Link
I believe you can write him for some support/opinion

User Clips
Link by Phat Stud 55

V's music Link 1 Link 2 (any guitar track you can find here is done by Digitech RP355 (excluding the wah, fuzz and weird FX. These separate units are still used in conjunction with the RP355) recorded by RP's USB out. the first link has RP's cabinet emulation, the second link's stuff uses cab impulses)
GS LEAD 5 Link
Kutless999 Link

Now a little list of those who visit this page constantly and have a nice knowledge about Digitech products

The "Who to listen to" list

Kutless999 :
Digitech RP355

Digitech RP500

Fly135 :
Digitech RP1000
Digitech GNX4

Vendetta V :
Digitech RP250
Digitech RP355
Digitech Whammy IV

dopelope :
Digitech RP90

now may the epic discussion and the sharing of the opinions and whatnot begin, gentlemen!

Vendetta V 07-09-2011 12:29 PM

Settings and Clips

Kutless' patches for all the RP355 amp models (might work with other RP models as well) can be obtained Here

Here's the complete list of the patches. they are in jpg version showing the settings from X-Edit:
stoner rock
tweed bassman
tweed black
tweed champ
tweed deluxe
twin reverb
96 hc30
ac 15
ac 30
blk bassman
clean tube
dark metal
deluxe reverb
dread accoustic
jcm 800
jcm 900
jtm 45
jumbo accoustic
mark 2c
marshall jmp
marshall plexi
master volume

and some settings/tips from the old thread

Originally Posted by Vendetta V
cool guys, I've got RP355 actually and woot that RP500 xedit looks quite cool

whats your opinion on my tone (ima use it for my new recordings)

it's RP355 with some cab impulses

Originally Posted by GS LEAD 5
Anyone wants an SLO patch?

Badass Recto patch.

Only the 8khz has a cut, other two have no boosts/cuts in the Recto patch.

EDIT: Use the Faney 412 if your sound is too harsh- it has a nice mellow middy sound that I really like for comparatively refined br00tz.

And another thing, ignore effects that are not on. I never use pedalboard mode, only preset mode. So effects that are off in the X Edit

screen are just parts of factory patches that I'm too lazy to edit out. Only the on things are my additions.

And in the second screen, the Detune block should have the level at 50, not 99. Accidental click.

Originally Posted by kutless999
Here's some hi gain presets I made

Originally Posted by kutless999
Shotclock, I made these presets just for you. Two are distortion and one is flange. I made sure the amp models and

effects that i used were on your unit. Tell me if you like them. You can change the preset names if you want.

Originally Posted by GS LEAD 5
Tip for a cool pseudo chorus effect.
Set one lfo to mid frequency, and another to treble frequency.
Make sure the mid/treble knobs are NOT set to 0. If they are, it wont work.
Set the frequency of each lfo to 1-2 Hz, depending ont aste. Set up the range as wide as supported. This gives a sorta chorusy phasey

effect that frees up your Modulation block for stuff like pitch shifters, harmonizers etc.

Originally Posted by fly135
The riffs sounded good. Try laying down a rhythm with the looper and then riffing over it. Here's a simply loop with the

RP where I just noodle over a basic rhythm.

Originally Posted by Vendetta V
lol you did like quadruple post :P

anyways here's another Song i finished today

enjoy gentleman

and the old one for those who didn't see

Originally Posted by kutless999
Here's me demonstrating some of the different sounds that you can get out of the rp355.http://profile.ultimate-

Also, feel free to comment on what I could do better. Thanks!

And do you guys hear the swell? That's what I mean. How do I fix it?

Originally Posted by Vendetta V
Use a volume pedal. srsly. lower the volume with it a bit, then record, then raise teh vol a bit and overdub and so on

:) start from lower volume so that you can always increase your vol

as for the sounds nice sounds, did you try what i suggested for the swell thing??

oh and i actually remembered i had a similar thing here

it starts with a sitar sound from RP XD then some SCI-fi stuff

EDIT: anybody got any idea how to get his tone on RP355 at the end of the video (about 40 seconds before it ends) dont want it to be exactly like that one but like the idea of that tone

Originally Posted by GS LEAD 5
The RP's dont have true bypass. All buffered.
EDIT: Btw where IS the a/b button on the RP355? Not the one ion X Edit, the one on the pedal itself?
Whaddaya think?

Originally Posted by GS LEAD 5
Easy peasy.
Ive gotten cleans out of a Recto on my 500 :haha: the 5150 is the only one ive not been able to tame.

Step one- Set gain to 0
Step two- Assign the exp pedal to pre volume
Step 3- Set the range from Min=0 tp Max= 20 (or any other low value)
Step 4- Slowly increase the gain till the clean breaks up.

Youll still need to be careful about picking, depending on amp model.

AC30 cleans. Forgive sloppy playing.

Originally Posted by kutless999
That's an awesome song! How long did it take for you to get that good?

Are those sounds still from your 355?

Heres something I just recorded
It's the one called "cool clean(and some overdrive)"

Vendetta V 07-09-2011 12:30 PM

Reserved again

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Vendetta V 07-09-2011 12:32 PM

Reserved and you can post now i think :)

sorry for the long reserved line :D

Vendetta V 07-09-2011 12:33 PM

Ok well couldn't help reserving one more just in case, you know you can delete these anytime but get new ones there will be impossible

Emperor's Child 07-09-2011 12:39 PM

That font color is terrible to read

MacMan2001 07-09-2011 12:42 PM

Originally Posted by Emperor's Child
That font color is terrible to read

Truer words were never spoken. Eye strain a go-go.

Vendetta V 07-09-2011 12:45 PM

old post removed, reserved again, if something i'll ask the two guys up there to remove their posts :)

311ZOSOVHJH 07-09-2011 12:51 PM

black bold will look good ;)

anyway - you can download any image you want off the digitech's website. ;)

you may have to save and re-host off photobucket or something, or upload direct from your PC

good luck

Phat Stud 55 07-09-2011 12:52 PM

I've got a digitech GNX4. I recorded This. Everything but drums were from the GNX4.

311ZOSOVHJH 07-09-2011 12:55 PM

Vendetta - like this:

just pulled it off and uploaded to my photobucket account and re-'hosted'

Boom....did it again

311ZOSOVHJH 07-09-2011 01:04 PM

what I would do really quickly Kutless is go copy any info out of your thread, peoples clips, etc and paste them to a safe place for reposting here or giving to Vendetta.

In other words, once the old thread is locked you can't do anything

Vendetta V 07-09-2011 01:12 PM

Originally Posted by 311ZOSOVHJH
Vendetta - like this:

just pulled it off and uploaded to my photobucket account and re-'hosted'

Boom....did it again

well yeah i know how to do that dude but the thing is that i don't want to clutter the whole thread with pictures huh?
if there's a good pictuer for the whole family of the RP models that'd help :D

Originally Posted by kutless999
Nice man! Yeah, I think the font color should be black, not gray.

are you guys using the white version of the forum? cause im using the black one and i bet you'll read nothing with the black font :P:

I'll add the info you gave here soon :)

hames jetfield 07-09-2011 01:15 PM

I own an Rp255 and i'm quite satisfied. It's my first pedal 7/10

311ZOSOVHJH 07-09-2011 01:22 PM

Originally Posted by Vendetta V
well yeah i know how to do that dude but the thing is that i don't want to clutter the whole thread with pictures huh?
if there's a good pictuer for the whole family of the RP models that'd help :D

are you guys using the white version of the forum? cause im using the black one and i bet you'll read nothing with the black font :P:

I'll add the info you gave here soon :)

Pictures are cool to look at though. But yeah, they have a lot of products so it would be hard to do them all obviously. Family pic is good. I was just posting that pic by way of example.

Also, for you and Kutless, I just copied all cool posts (clips/pics) and such out of the old thread - if you want them. You may need to PM me an email address to send because it won't fit in a Post or PM.

Vendetta V 07-09-2011 01:22 PM

shall i put the settings up there as well or will it only make it all cluttered?

311ZOSOVHJH 07-09-2011 01:24 PM

Originally Posted by Vendetta V
shall i put the settings up there as well or will it only make it all cluttered?

^ that's up to you

people that are looking for info on Digitech might find that helpful to have all that info on the first page - that way you don't have to hunt for it or ask/answer again and again. that was the thing that happened to the Valveking thread. We found ourselves answering the same questions over and over again - so we created an 'Only' thread and put everything in the OP/first page

PS: I use traditional so my screens are white. Maybe try a bolded blue in a slightly larger font.

Edit: Man, I've created a lot of threads and I just type most of it out in black. No one has brought this up before so that is interesting.

GS LEAD 5 07-09-2011 01:44 PM

New thread already?

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