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JayT44 08-10-2012 05:30 AM

UG Awards 2012 - Results!



User of the Year
1st: SlackerBabbath
2nd: WCPhils
3rd: Horsedick.MPEG / Trowzaa

Veteran User of the Year
1st: Jackal58
2nd: Dreadnought
3rd: Kensai / SlackerBabbath

n00b of the Year
1st: DJ Safari
2nd: Bob_Sacamano
3rd: HowSoonIsNow / ChadLikesGuitar

Most Attractive Male User
1st: blake1221 / lbj273
2nd: Kensai
3rd: whoomit / Trowzaa / bradulator

Most Attractive Female User
1st: guitarxo
2nd: Kensai
3rd: Bloodtrocuted93 / Tentonics / Mistress_Ibanez

Funniest User
1st: Horsedick.MPEG
2nd: devourke
3rd: Jackal58 / Kensai / AcousticMirror / laid-to-waste

User With the Worst Sense of Humor
1st: captaincrunk
2nd: Zoot Allures / Axelfox
3rd: MrFlibble / Neo Evil11

Spammer of the Year
1st: Kelly22
2nd: MH400
3rd: whoomit / killjoy_bentley

User With the Best Advice
1st: SlackerBabbath
2nd: blake1221
3rd: Cathbard

Best "Retired" User
1st: Andrea55
2nd: JacobTheMe / riffhog / Jackal58
3rd: MightyAl / creelers

Friendliest User
1st: guitarxo
2nd: Andrea55
3rd: whoomit

Most Influential User
1st: Kensai
2nd: SlackerBabbath
3rd: due 07 / blake1221

Most Annoying User
1st: Axelfox
2nd: killjoy_bentley
3rd: Represent / whoomit / Spaztikko / due 07 / blake1221 / Saint78 / Zoot Allures / HowSoonIsNow

Most Offensive User
1st: Kelly22
2nd: captaincrunk
3rd: Zoot Allures / moscaespaņol

Most Pretentious User
1st: seeneyj / due 07
2nd: DJ Safari
3rd: Zoot Allures / element4433 / blake1221 / captaincrunk

Brownnoser of the Year
1st: whoomit
2nd: moscaespaņol
3rd: MH400 / PaulyVengeance / due 07

User You'd Most Like to Meet
1st: jetfuel495
2nd: Kensai / T00DEEPBLUE / bradulator / SlackerBabbath
3rd: lushacrous

User You'd Like to See Banned Forever
1st: DJ Safari
2nd: Axelfox / HowSoonIsNow
3rd: Thrashtastic15 / Dirge Humani / Paraffinity / killjoy_bentley / Zoot Allures / Digman50 / Neo Evil11

Perma'd User You'd Like to See Unbanned
1st: Fassa Albrecht
2nd: Lt. Shinysides
3rd: StonedColdCrazy / Represent

Biggest Ego
1st: seeneyj
2nd: captaincrunk / Zoot Allures
3rd: Dreadnought / Dirge Humani / genghisgandhi

Biggest Troll
1st: Neo Evil11
2nd: Represent / Kelly22
3rd: greeny23 / Horsedick.MPEG / DJ Safari

Biggest Elitist
1st: due 07
2nd: Xiaoxi / Zoot Allures / Axelfox
3rd: captaincrunk / the Metal forum

Best UG Couple
1st: Stratman_13 and conor-figgy
2nd: TROWZAACROUS / whoomit and Banjocal / theogonia777 and goest
3rd: 311ZOSOVHJH and gregs1020 / Zgr0826 and Dosed. / blake1221 and due 07

Best Avatar
1st: LostLegion
2nd: Duffman123 / shattamakar
3rd: eGraham / CodeMonk / StewieSwan / The Madcap

Best Signature
1st: The Quailman
2nd: All Single Votes
3rd: N/A

Best Username
1st: Horsedick.MPEG
2nd: myfirstpubes / █▐▌█▐▌
3rd: lncognito / R. Shackleford.

Best Usertitle
1st: JayT44
2nd: DimebagLivesOn / JustRooster / Horsedick.MPEG
3rd: All Single Votes

Best MS Paint/Photoshop Skills
1st: Haunted Boy
2nd: Skynyrd890
3rd: Demon Wolf

Best Thread Starter
1st: The Madcap
2nd: Kensai
3rd: purplehaze2242

Worst Thread Starter
1st: MH400
2nd: killjoy_bentley
3rd: The Madcap

Most Improved User
1st: Axelfox
2nd: element4433
3rd: Pagan_Poetry / Saint78

Most Prolific Reporter
1st: Kensai
2nd: 311ZOSOVHJH / Dirge Humani
3rd: behind_you

Best Guitarist
1st: StewieSwan
2nd: Random3
3rd: Eppicurt / due 07 / whoomit

Best Bassist
1st: Oyface
2nd: Ippon / Deliriumbassist
3rd: All Single Votes

Best Drummer
1st: whoomit
2nd: TheReverend724
3rd: MatrixClaw

Best Vocalist
1st: Jon777 / whoomit / rockfan7
2nd: due 07 / davrockist / Coreysmonster / xFilth / L2112Lif
3rd: N/A

Best Electronic Artist
1st: TheReverend724
2nd: |69|
3rd: WillT08

Most Likely to Become Famous
1st: seeneyj
2nd: Kensai
3rd: Xiaoxi

Most Likely to Become A Serial Killer
1st: Zoot Allures / Axelfox
2nd: SpanishYanez / Neo Evil11 / ethan_hanus
3rd: Jackal58

User Most Likely to Positively Change the Real World
1st: Ur All $hit
2nd: laid-to-waste
3rd: due 07

User Most Likely to Achieve Global Domination
1st: guitarxo / Kensai / Zoot Allures
2nd: Kelly22 / Mmolteratx / Jackal58 / devourke / whoomit / due 07
3rd: N/A

JayT44 08-10-2012 05:30 AM


Favourite Forum
1st: The Pit
2nd: Guitar Gear & Accessories
3rd: Guitar Building & Customization

Worst Forum
1st: The Pit
2nd: Drums
3rd: Metal / Forum of the Banned

Best Thread
1st: The Pit's Official Chat Thread
2nd: Friendship is Magic
3rd: The 'Who to Listen To' List / The Anime Thread / I Draw You With Pokemon?

Best Contest/Competition
1st: guitarxo's Pizza Giveaway / Calling All the Pit's Musicians / UG Split Album Challenge
2nd: UG Awards / Sexiest Tranny Competition
3rd: UG Presidential Election

Best Pit Moment
1st: The Nod
2nd: Jay Seeney's Wikipedia Page
3rd: Toni Loomi / Kelly22

Most Overdone Topic
1st: Circumcision / Sexism debates
2nd: Which headphones should I buy? / What's happened since I've been gone?
3rd: User Above You threads / Religious debates / Drunk threads

Best Phrase
1st: What you really need is a new amp. / Shut the fuck up, you irritating twat.
2nd: Cuntcandle
3rd: Forever Road Blows My Load

Worst Phrase
1st: What you really need is a new amp.
2nd: YOLO
3rd: No potential / *nod.gif*

Best UG Album
1st: UG Post Rock Album 3
2nd: Video Game Album
3rd: All single votes

Best UG Club/Group
1st: Krusty Towers
2nd: UG Mafia
3rd: FiM Thread regulars

Most Common FOTB Excuse
1st: It was my friend/brother/Navy Seals.
2nd: I didn't know I had a warning!
3rd: FUCK U MODS / I was drunk.

Friendliest Forum
1st: Guitar Gear & Accessories
2nd: Guitar Building & Customization
3rd: New Members Q&A forum

Forum You Wish Existed
1st: Age Restricted Pit
2nd: Amp Techs Only / Ask SlackerBabbath Anything
3rd: All Single Votes

JayT44 08-10-2012 05:31 AM


Favourite Mod
1st: jetfuel495
2nd: theguitarist / JayT44
3rd: Nelsean / element4433

Favourite "Retired" Mod
1st: primusfan
2nd: ZeGuitarist / Deliriumbassist
3rd: BumOffBarney

Meanest Mod
1st: theguitarist
2nd: jetfuel495
3rd: Carmel / element4433

Sexiest Mod
1st: jetfuel495
2nd: divid3d
3rd: TNFootballfan97 / theguitarist

Friendliest Mod
1st: jetfuel495
2nd: JayT44 / theguitarist
3rd: DisarmGoliath / MatrixClaw

Mod You Didn't Know Existed
1st: DisarmGoliath
2nd: MatrixClaw / 20Tigers
3rd: Blompcube / divid3d

Most Disappointing Resignation
1st: Coreysmonster / Axemanchris
2nd: ZanasCross / the astronaut / Casualty01
3rd: N/A

Most Deserved Promotion
1st: theguitarist
2nd: jetfuel495
3rd: element4433 / JayT44

The Next Mod Will Be...
1st: stepco12345
2nd: whoomit / Kensai / blake1221
3rd: 311ZOSOVHJH / guitarxo / Jackal58

Favourite CC
1st: Pan-Tallica / Lemoninfluence
2nd: stepco12345
3rd: aig91

Favourite "Retired" CC
1st: Coreysmonster
2nd: jetfuel495
3rd: Colohue / jj1565

Best New CC
1st: AeroRocker
2nd: Lemoninfluence
3rd: N/A

The Next CC Will Be...
1st: Assrammer123 / Coreysmonster / due 07 / 311ZOSOVHJH / gregs1020 / Jackal58
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

The Best Color for the CC Names Would Be...
1st: Pink
2nd: Purple
3rd: Rainbow / Orange / Brown / Green

Honorable Mention: Firestarter Font with Flames :devil:

Best Russian
1st: Zappp
2nd: Wahappen (he's actually Canadian)
3rd: Till from Kenig / emad (also not Russian)

JayT44 08-10-2012 05:31 AM


Best Profile
1st: davrockist
2nd: Andrea55
3rd: theguitarist / H4T3BR33D3R / 311ZOSOVHJH

Best Blogs
1st: theogonia777
2nd: AcousticMirror / SlackerBabbath
3rd: Tombe / Tessalate / tortilla

Best MP3s
1st: Eppicurt
2nd: theogonia777 / Erock503 / rockfan7 / necrosis1193 / QPC_Sam
3rd: N/A

Best Gear
1st: Ippon
2nd: Tom 1.0
3rd: All Single Votes

Best Pictures
1st: Ippon / SlackerBabbath
2nd: All Single Votes
3rd: N/A

JayT44 08-10-2012 05:31 AM


Best Column
1st: Ask Van Hammersmith / Didn't Say Banana
2nd: I Sing When You Shut Up / The Crusades
3rd: N/A

Best Reviewer
1st: T00DEEPBLUE / jetfuel495
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

Worst Reviewer
1st: Aaronmcm99
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

Most Infamous News Topic
1st: Axl Rose
2nd: Courtney Love
3rd: Slipknot's future / Death of Jon Lord / Randy Blythe's Arrest / the LuLu Album

Strangest Column
1st: Didn't Say Banana / How to Guitar Tone / Corinthian
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

JayT44 08-10-2012 05:32 AM

Congratulations and apologies to the winners! Thanks to everyone who participated!


slash_GNR666 08-10-2012 05:33 AM

:( I didn't win shit :(

Thanks to all that voted for me (I think in best avatar :D )

Congrats to all that won

LostLegion 08-10-2012 05:36 AM

Yay I won best avatar!

Thanks everyone :cheers:

whoomit 08-10-2012 05:36 AM

:haha: :haha: :haha:

Brownnoser of the year :cool:


JohnnyGenzale 08-10-2012 05:36 AM

yay, I'm not in any of the categories.

I'm relieved

Duffman123 08-10-2012 05:39 AM

After all these years I've finally been acknowledged. 2nd best avatar, what an achievement.

blake1221 08-10-2012 05:40 AM

Me and Due are never gonna win best couple :(

laid-to-waste 08-10-2012 05:43 AM

so i'm the 2nd most likely user to positively change the new world & the quad-joint 3rd funniest user

thanks guys

also, thanks to jay for dragging out the votes and organising it, you're the best :cheers:

Originally Posted by blake1221
Me and Due are never gonna win best couple :(

that's because you are a terrible, terrible couple

sam b 08-10-2012 05:44 AM

No awards. wahh wahh

whoomit 08-10-2012 05:45 AM

Originally Posted by sam b
No awards. wahh wahh

You're votes counted for something though :mad:

Zoot Allures 08-10-2012 05:46 AM

Surprised to see Cpt crunk beating me on most offensive :(

JayT44 08-10-2012 05:46 AM

Originally Posted by laid-to-waste
also, thanks to jay for dragging out the votes and organising it, you're the best :cheers:

Sincerely appreciate it. :)

sam b 08-10-2012 05:47 AM

Originally Posted by whoomit
You're votes counted for something though :mad:


i have no idea what I voted

DimebagLivesOn 08-10-2012 05:47 AM

Originally Posted by JayT44
Best Usertitle
1st: JayT44
2nd: DimebagLivesOn / JustRooster / Horsedick.MPEG


I don't even post here

JohnnyGenzale 08-10-2012 05:48 AM

How can people actually find Axel_Fox annoying? As in, you get annoyed and frustrated when he's posting?

He's a cutey-pie.

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