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J2G 12-05-2012 02:46 AM

Amp: Watts Needed To Jam?
So I am gonna purchase a new amp soon and I was going to get the Peavey VYPYR 15W.

But I am going to start jamming soon with my friend and he plays the drums, I've read that I won't be heard without enough wattage so will a 15W be enough orrr?

cdr_salamander 12-05-2012 02:49 AM

What's your budget, where are you, and are you willing to go used?

PeaveyPredatorX 12-05-2012 02:54 AM

i've jammed with a heavy handed drummer, a bassist and another guitarist only using a 15 watt solid state amp. i really depends more on the room your gonna be playing in we were playing in our friends out building which had a low ceiling and it was quite small

J2G 12-05-2012 03:41 AM

I'm on a... $200 budget or so, and I know anything over 30W is over $200.

It'll be played in a basement that the drummer is turning into a home studio eventually. Low ceiling as well, not too big either.

Cathbard 12-05-2012 04:08 AM

Surely you can find a used 30W Vyper for under $200?

cdr_salamander 12-05-2012 04:09 AM

Originally Posted by Cathbard
Surely you can find a used 30W Vyper for under $200?


Hell, I see some 60 watt tube Vypyrs going for $245 on the Bay. Save up just a tad bit more OP, and get something you aren't going to regret.

J2G 12-05-2012 04:48 AM

Oh yeah most definitely the 30W can be done for under $200. & the 30W would do me just right for being loud enough to jam then?

& don't you gotta change the tubes on "tube amps" that cost extra $$ don't it?

Cathbard 12-05-2012 04:55 AM

The 60W and 120W ones are the ones with tubes, the 30W doesn't. The 60W has two power tubes, they last a few years and cost about $35 per pair. The 60W is the better amp, it basically has a 60W version of the 6505 power amp. So you get the Vyper modelling preamp mated to a 6505 power amp. They're a good thing. The 30W Vyper will be loud enough though. Your choice.

kyle62 12-05-2012 04:58 AM

T7E 12-05-2012 07:28 AM

i have done 6 watts tube with a death metal drummer before.
Although, it was not clean and through a 2X12

J2G 12-05-2012 08:00 PM

Thanks for all the input guys, I'll pick wisely :).

racertj5 12-05-2012 08:02 PM

30 Watt vypyr can be had new for $150 these days. Amazing Amps and loud as Hell for 30 watt ss'ers

minieme007 12-05-2012 08:43 PM

I've jammed with a band with a Roland Micro Cube, which is 2 watts. As long your drummer is reasonable and doesn't smash their kit, it doesn't matter.

Carl21221 12-05-2012 11:56 PM

As long as you project the sound from the combo properly so you can hear it, it might work. You'd be best saving up a bit more for something a bit more higher wattage if you're planning on staying with solid-state though. Solid-state can sound a bit iffy if played on extremely high volumes, whereas tube amps can go louder than you originally think its power can supply. You just get less headroom the louder you go, and believe me, they can get extremely loud, even at 5 watts.

Offworld92 12-06-2012 08:56 AM

If you're going to use a combo keep in mind you'll have to put it up on a chair or something. My old 75W Vypyr didn't curt through at all in the mix, but I never tried getting it off the ground.

If you been get $50 more, I very highly recommend the Vypyr Tube 60.

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