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jukejointjohnny 01-04-2013 07:40 PM

Yamaha SPX-90 question....
Hi, a bit of advice is required.
Over the xmas hols I finally managed to get hold of a Yamaha SPX-90 rack effects unit to cop some of those classic "My Bloody Valentine" shoegazer sounds. What I didn't factor in though, is the fact that this device is expecting to see a Line Level, not Instrument Level signal. This results in considerable volume drop/tone suck when used in front of amp (currently using a Marshall DSL 15 Tube Head, no effects loop). Boosting the gain from the unit itself, via the input control dial or the +4db/-12db switches on the in/out unbalanced jacks on the rear of the unit results in some VERY loud hiss.
From a bit of research, it seems like some sort of DI Box or Impedance matching device before the SPX input might be the best bet to bring my guitar signal up to line level. Would something such as this suffice?

Additionally, would I need another device AFTER the output of the rack unit before the signal hits my guitar amp?

Any suggestions much appreciated UG Gear Forum! :)

jukejointjohnny 01-05-2013 09:54 AM

Shameless self bump. Any ideas anyone?

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