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flying_phoenix 07-26-2007 05:47 PM

MMA Thread
HOw many UGers are MMA fans/practitioners? I've been a fan for a while now, and love all of it, though I don't actually train (thinking about starting though). I'm going to a BJ Penn fan signing Sunday, should be some fun, pretty exciting. To those who are fans of the sport, who are your favourite fighters?

Oh, and if you don't like MMA, and feel the need to tell us all, at least explain, and don't bash. Also, we all know the ground game looks kinda gay to the uneducated viewer. Please refrain from elaborating upon that.

My fav. fighters:
Anderson Silva
Andrei Arlovski
BJ Penn
Kazushi Sakuraba
Fedor (amazing)

Anyone Else looking forward to Gonzaga/ Couture this month? I got my money on Gonzaga taking it, even though I like Randy.

MightyAl 07-26-2007 05:49 PM

I have no idea what MMA is, but I'm assuming it's violent, thus I could get it for free by walking into the Saracen's Head wearing a t-shirt that says "Celtic are sh*te" on the front and "the Pope shags small boys" on the back.

sparkysmith 07-26-2007 05:54 PM

i love watching MMA, although the lack of sky means i can't really watch it. i rely on the internet. and my favourites are chuck liddell and rampage jackson

lbc_sublime 07-26-2007 05:54 PM

look i am also from ontario i don't know if place has anything to do with this is a canadian thing. is it wrestling like cause that is pretty g ay but what are you trying to say is cool?

flying_phoenix 07-26-2007 05:55 PM

^ Mixed Martial Arts. Organizations like Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride FC, International Fight League and the like. I guess MMA isnt a well known term.

The Virtuoso 07-26-2007 05:56 PM


To Sublime.

MightyAl 07-26-2007 05:56 PM

Ah. i wouldn't get much martial arts there, then. Just malkied and glassed/bottled.

The Novice 07-26-2007 06:02 PM

Yeah, I don't like it cause.. well, I find it pretty boring. There's nothing greater than a good ole barfight. Fights with rules and the likes of it, seems pretty odd to me.

im_hungry 07-26-2007 06:04 PM

Its all about the Bas.

Inno_a_Satana 07-26-2007 06:09 PM

i'm a huge MMA fan, and have been for some time. i've also trained and competed brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, boxing, and wrestling for some time now, and i'm planning on making my mma debut september 15th. some of my favorite fighters are:
bj penn
takanori gomi
shinya aoki
"shogun" rua

The Virtuoso 07-26-2007 06:10 PM

^good luck man :cheers:.

Inno_a_Satana 07-26-2007 06:29 PM

Originally Posted by The Virtuoso
^good luck man :cheers:.

thank you. and for all those who care, this is the organization that i'm going to be fighting in i'll be fighting at 145 lbs. my school has a title holder at 135, and top 5 contenders at 145, 155, 170, 205, and 265

Child Of Maiden 07-30-2007 05:47 AM

I was just about to make an MMA thread. But I decided to get my search on first. I'm a huge MMA fan. (just check the avatar haha)

I actually have a fight coming up in December.

My favorite practitioners... damn there's quite a few haha.

Fedor Emelianenko (of course)
Tomasz Drwal
Wanderlei, Shogun, Thiago Silva (pretty much all of the Chute Boxe camp)
The Nogueira brothers
Anderson Silva
Arlovksi (even though he hasn't really been on top of his game lately)
Cro Cop
Mark Hunt
Kazushi Sakuraba
Ikuhisa Minowa (always puts on a good show lol)
Shinya Aoki
Ryo Chonan
Josh Barnett
Dan Henderson
Paulo Fihlo
Uriah Faber
Cung Lee

Man I can go on and on. I'm pretty much a Pride nut hugger though sorry. I like all MMA which includes UFC, WEC, K-1, SHOOTO, BODOG, M-1, EliteXC, Cage Rage. But Pride was the best of the best IMO. I can't help but feel that a lot of the UFC "elite" were and still are very overrated. But with Zuffa's acquisition of Pride I guess we'll get to see some great match ups pretty soon.

Who else thinks UFC 75 is going to be freakin' kick ass? Rampage vs. Henderson and Cro Cop vs. Kongo both on a free card! I'm exited for that one. And 76 should be pretty good to with Shogun vs. Griffin. But I'm not very happy with how they're pretty much serving up Liddell a can that is Jardine. They're trying to put him back in the title fight too soon. What does everyone else think?

Cadj 07-30-2007 05:48 AM

I've never really watched any MMA yet but i've heard i really should

Just curious after being a wrestling fan, Brock Lesnar done this for a while correct?

Child Of Maiden 07-30-2007 06:07 AM

Lesnar has only 1 MMA fight under his belt as of now with K-1 Hero's. It was a pretty impressive fight on his part despite the fact that the guy he fought (Min Soo Kim I think) was a bit of a can. His record is something like 2-6-0. But it was a win nevertheless and that's good for coming off of pro wrestling. But from what I understand Lesnar did some wrestling in college so that will probably help him if he continues. And if he continues at a solid rate I'd probably give him about 3 years before he can go up against the big names.

But as of right now I don't think he has the striking ability to go heads up with some bigger names. He's a beast of a guy though. He needs to lose a little bit of his upper body size so he can be a little more mobile and get some good training and he'll make a name for himself in MMA. But from what I understand he was only on a one fight contract with K-1 Hero's so he probably just wanted to try it and we'll see where it goes from there.

Cadj 07-30-2007 06:12 AM

Ah cool, thanks for clearing that up :)

He did do college wrestling and was an NCAA champ twice i think

He's in Japan wrestling right now so he might get better at his striking ability, you never know.

rock_and_blues 07-30-2007 06:13 AM

i do brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, muay thai, and wrestling..and i love it, such a great way to get out aggression

Cacophonic 10-03-2007 12:19 PM

I love MMA. Such fun to watch. I prefer Pride FC over UFC. Probably not now though, considering all of the good fighters are leaving Pride for UFC/other organizations. Also the rule unification is ******ed. Soccer kicks and stomps made Pride FC. So fun to watch Wanderlei Silva kicking someone's face in. Or Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, for that matter.

I hate a lot of the popular fighters i.e. Chuck Liddell, Rampage Jackson, Tim Sylvia.

America's top MMA fighters are really arrogant, and it's quite annoying. Which is another thing I liked about Pride. Pretty much everyone was respectful of one another. Especially the man, Fedor Emelianenko.

My favorite fighters are:

Fedor Emelianenko
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Dan Henderson
Wanderlei Silva
Takanori Gomi

Another thing I'd like to point out, is that 2007 is the year of upsets.

I never seen Wanderlei losing, or Takanori Gomi. Forrest/Shogun also depressed me like mad.

Osiris77 10-03-2007 01:23 PM

I'm a fan but I don't train or anything, I'm not really into fighting other than watching of course I took a year of Tae-Kwon-Do and didnt really like it. I'm more into wrestling as far as actually participating I never really trained with it but I've picked up so stuff from friends on their school wrestling teams. I've been trying to find somewhere to take ju-jitsui(not sure how its spelled) but couldnt seem to find anywhere I need to get in shape as far as cardio goes.
My Favorite fighter would have to be Randy Courture that guys unstopable he's 43 years old and probably the best heavyweight out there. I know what you mean with the whole ground game looking wrong too. I was watching UFC with my girlfriend and she was crackin up when they started wrestling. The announcers like this is his favorite position, he loves it when they try that and stuff, it was pretty funny.

krims0n 10-03-2007 01:37 PM

Originally Posted by Cacophonic
I love MMA. Such fun to watch. I prefer Pride FC over UFC. Probably not now though, considering all of the good fighters are leaving Pride for UFC/other organizations. Also the rule unification is ******ed. Soccer kicks and stomps made Pride FC. So fun to watch Wanderlei Silva kicking someone's face in. Or Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, for that matter.

I believe PrideFC is basically dead as it was bought out by the UFC. Hence the fighters slowly trickling into the octagon. Too bad because the kicking rule was awesome, but at least it will lead to a more diverse UFC.

I believe Fedor will be signing with the UFC soon and fighting Couture to unify the belts but that's rumor at this point. (albeit rumor from the mouth of Dana White).

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