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For me, a good DM band has to offer either rhythm, melodicity, or complexity or a combination of those. Plus a good br000tal sound. Nothing annoys me more than so many bands that offer nothing interesting and sound like heck.

Yea but how many bands have you heard that have all of those and still ****ing suck? I think it goes deeper than that but I'm probably just over complicating things.
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What separates a good DM band from a mediocre one for you guys? After all my years of listening it seems I'm still not any closer to figuring out why I like certain bands over others because it seems like every time it's something different that sets a band apart. Maybe it's stupid to even think about but I find it interesting.

This is a good question but somewhat muddled by putting the focus on bands. It would probably be better to focus on albums specifically, as many good bands can turn to shit and awful bands sometimes have one good album in them.

The best death metal albums tend to break from convention, even conventions of metal in some sense, to create terrifying abstract music. Since guitars are the lead 'voice' in metal and vocals are indiscernible, great death metal focuses all its energy into constructing a sequence of riffs that tell something like a story formed from impression of impact and atmosphere.

Sometimes (a good example would be Autopsy) the works of death metal bands resemble collections of spooky / horror stories. The type that might be found in anthology works. They are all similar in nature, despite being seemingly unrelated, and in aggregate have the effect of forcing you to confront the absolute sublime horror of death and the unknown / unknowable, placing man in his rightful place in a vast, cold, indifferent universe of abominations.

Also, gotta luv those chugga chugga riffs
Since you've all decided to let this place fall into ruin, I've had to start seeking out new music elsewhere. I've journeyed far into the cyber abyss and this is what I've found:

Psyched for this! Drops July 31st. Kind of getting a diSEMBOWELMENT vibe which is not a bad (or common) thing.

EDIT: Maybe it's just the production but this really reminds me of The Ruins of Beverast too.
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comon playa I can show you a good time

But I'm not hearing too much else other than death/doom stuff. Doesn't quite have the appeal as dISEMBOWELMENT. I get where you're coming from though. Like the space between chords and then faster riffing sections throughout. It's not bad.
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Vincent out of Morbid Angel

His replacement?

Steve Tucker.


Blessed Are the Sick is the best Morbid Angel album.

DMU says it's Abominations of Desolation. The metal populace says it's Altars of Madness, but...

I bend my knee not
But for my own selfish desire

I'm a Nazi, baby
I'm a Nazi, yes I am
I'm a Nazi schatzi, you know I'll fight for the Fatherland
Formulas was half new material, half reused old material.
Gateways and Heretic, although trite, were still death metal.

I remain ambivalent, but certainly anything is better than Illud
is there really any redemption possible for them though? even if it's not as bad as the last one, I can't imagine anything new from them being actually good anymore.
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That's more or less my point. If you expect something to the caliber of Altars or Blessed then you are just setting yourself up to be upset
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I'm a Nazi, baby
I'm a Nazi, yes I am
I'm a Nazi schatzi, you know I'll fight for the Fatherland
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hey dudes, I submitted like three Demigod tabs, go check em out and vote em in, corrections welcome, I think I finally nailed all of Perpetual Ascent though, fak yea

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New Bölzer
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

he's got the fire and the fury,
at his command
well you don't have to worry,
if you hold onto jesus' hand
Pleasantly surprised. I didn't care for Soma at all, but I really liked this a lot more. Although the vocals that are introduced around the 3 minute mark are weird, because they remind me of the Melvins. I also feel like it's a little anti-climactic, because it just sort of ends without really going anywhere super noteworthy. But I love the riffs and the drum work is nice, and I dig the vocals for the most part. Over all pretty solid.
I'm actually liking this less on repeat listens, though. The riffs are more to my liking that on Soma, but it's really essentially the same compositionally. Lacks that direction and power they had on Roman Acupuncture and part of Aura. I still feel like the song goes fuckin nowhere, and I haven't gotten used to the weird Buzz Osborne vocals.
Vocals aren't bad. I say that with a frown.

I just don't think I like it. I lost interest in Bolzer after Aura though. I can still listen to Coronal Mass Ejection and feel riff after riff smashing my brain in. I think it's the way they transition from riff to riff that really makes their sound unique, it doesn't feel abrupt or janky.

Here's some Entranced by Wolfshook:

still dig it.
Agreed. CME is a stellar track, and exemplary of Bolzer at their apparently short-lived peak IMO. Aura feels like no other album to me.
Unfortunately short lived peak have as much in common with Bolzer as it does with my hairline.

Anyways, may as well celebrate them for what they were. I can't see myself even enjoying Soma and beyond where I can kick on something in the background. It's just...boring. They have Weapon syndrome. They tap into a raw primal sound, and then over time it just becomes watered down and weird.
People have been comparing them to fucking Mastodon of all bands for a while now, and I've never really been able to hear it until now. Can't say it appeals to me. Still don't hear that on Roman Acupuncture or Aura though (except maybe a little on Entranced...), and those two releases will ALWAYS fucking slay to me.
welp I'm starting to tab some Abramelin from the s/t got the intro riffs to Misfortune and Spiritual Justice lol
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Here's some Entranced by Wolfshook:

I don't know what that should sound like but to me it's heavy metal with downtuned guitars. Vocalist sounds like Koivusaari from Amorphis' early days at certain points. Which is cool.
I've not heard this for a long time and I am only starting to appreciate it now.

captivating riffs

I'm a Nazi, baby
I'm a Nazi, yes I am
I'm a Nazi schatzi, you know I'll fight for the Fatherland
That's another album I haven't heard in a while. Always skipped it in favor of the red album

I'm a Nazi, baby
I'm a Nazi, yes I am
I'm a Nazi schatzi, you know I'll fight for the Fatherland
well The Red is the GOAT for sure, but yeah they're all on some interesting stuff. IMO Gloomy Reflections is like top 10 too
In honor the election

A heathen, conceivably
but not,

I hope,
I’m not ashamed to be white
Vi doede ikke... vi har aldri levd
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Civilization is unnatural

It is a whim of circumstance
an unenlightened one
finally finished it.. well sorta, missing the bends in the solo, i know the notes but not how to tab em lol I think everything should be accurate though

bend is like.. 20 on 2nd string and a 21 on the third

however now I'm having doubts about the h-o/p-o section in Riff 6 and its variations... I think there might be open strings there somewhere now. need to listen in utmost detail all over again

[edit #901238901] I think I fixed riff 6, sounds a lot more faithful to the recording damn you weird ATG stuff lol... still missing the nifty bends in the solo.. might tackle them tomorrow, doing a kind of sweeping correction mode atm on this tab lol I should sleep
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Been listening to a lot of old stuff I somehow missed over the years.....

like this

Demilich and Abhorrence touring Finland this winter. Lol, what year is it again? They're even coming to my hometown, can't miss this.
Weird and experimental death has been where it's at for me. Gorguts, Ulcerate, and Portal. Lots of deathgrind, too, like Pig Destroyer and Carcass. Oh, and Starspawn by Blood Incantation is an awesome new album with a unique old school flair.
Saw Pig Destroyer live once. Still not a fan but their live show is fucking destructive. Had me by my balls and I just stood in awe.
Haven't been here in a few years. Many great memories of staying up to ridiculous hours reading these forums and discovering new, awesome bands. I can honestly say this forum has had a major impact on my musical interests. Cheers everyone.
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Quote by elatihc
Been listening to a lot of old stuff I somehow missed over the years.....

like this

Great album.