I hope you'll make the best transactions in this forum and I'm asking you to follow these rules:

Rule #1

Respect others!

This is true in every forum (except the pit *giggle*... sarcasm.) Do not post anything that you think might get in you trouble. If it's iffy, leave it alone, You can still criticize.

Rule #2

No advertising any other sites!

No advertising if the only thing you come on here to do is advertise. But if you've made 600 posts and you made a thread about this luthier business your starting up, that's not really being detrimental to the community. That's pretty much just making a decent thread in the gear forum. But if you do it without making posts about any other thing, I will have to assume you are using UG for you moneymaking schemes.

And absolutely No linking to ebay!

If it's on ebay,there's no need to advertise it here.
And no linking to any other third party websites.

Also, do not advertise in someone else's thread.

Rule #3

No trolling!

I didn't think I'd have to add this rule to the GEAR forum, but after that guy did "anyone with broken guitar I'll give you $0 for it"... its there.

Rule #4:

Sell an item or trade one!

Trade multiple ones. The idea is, keep the threads of the gear forum... about selling or trading gear. If you make a question about some trade your trying to make outside of the forum, I will move it. This forum is for selling trading and buying only.

Rule #5:

Don't make the same thread twice!

Also don't make multiple threads!
You can put more than one item in a thread and make it like "all my gear for sale" or something.

Rule #6:

Do not sell illegally!

I.e. no burned CDs, copies of games, downloads, hacked hardware, modded xboxes, etc.



The rule on bumping will be this:

You're not allowed to bump more than once in 24 hours and UP TO 3 bumps per week.

Three bumps per week!

If you do it more than that, ploop: warning for spam.
Also do not bump another user's thread several times.


A seller's price suck? Do not question a seller's price, they can be as ridiculous as you want.

I'm going to be a little more tolerant on that.
if it costs $500 new and he's selling it for.. $500. Please say so.
I still discourage you from criticising prices merely because this is how everyone begins to break the respect rule. If you can do it respectfully, like saying "This would cost $500 new and you are not taking any cost off the price even after is used. I don't think that's a very good deal.", then, hey, you got away with it budday! But if you go "***, your prices suck".... you'll be warned.
If you're a seller and you lie about something's worth, warning.
If you say its worth about 800 new when its really worth $500 new, warned. If you say that and its really worth 750 or 700 or something, no biggie. But if its a huge gap and something that would look like you purposely lied, upon discovery, warning.

You may not edit your post(s) in gear ads forum!

Because one said person, was supposed to sell a very valuable guitar... and sent a much less valuable one. And simply edited their post so that the evidence was destroyed.

You can ask me or other gear ads mods to edit your post.

This makes it a lot harder to not double post,but:

Don't double post!
Don't overbump!

And most importantly

Don't scam other users!

The HTML and Codes are off!

This means you may not embed an image in your post. You may just post the direct link to the picture of your gear, etc.

***Transactions between Ultimate-Guitar sellers are not guaranteed to work***

We can not pay you back if something goes wrong or if you get ripped off. We can attempt to punish the ripper-offer. You'll get one 30 day ban for your first rip off (no warnings) and anything past that will be slated for a permaban.

Rip-offs can be reported via the good/bad seller thread.
Evidence will be required - the thread that happened along with proof you shipped it out and then I'll try to contact the other side. It'll take a while to sort out.

You can advertise anything you want to buy/sell/trade.

I'm pretty sure you know what you can advertise and what you can not advertise!

And please read this before you start your thread.

Breaking any of these rules will issue a warning/ban.

The gear ads mod team
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