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So I went ahead and did the mod - had to remove the ground connection on the blender pot.

Here is a completed and tested version of the ModCon, a mod with a series buckerish push/pull switch and a telecaster/parallel sounds blender knob:

With the tele blend knob up you get the sweetest sound in positions 2 and 4 (all three pickups in parallel), and a great telecaster sound in pos 1&5. Pos 3 is standard strat middle pup.

With the series push/pull engaged you get a fat buckerish sound on the bridge position and a really interesting fat but full of character sound in pos 2. Pos 3-5 are standard strat sounds. It is a bit like having an HSS strat.

And of course it is just a standard strat with a master tone knob and 50's tone wiring when neither the push/pull or tele blend knob are engaged.

Thanks to Don from Breja ToneWorks for the inspiration, for making guitar electronics understandable and for a template to design on.

I'm planning on building a Manson Replica, and I need some help.

What wiring kit should I use? I'm gonna be replicating the Manson DL-1, which has two pickups (a humbucker, and a p90) so I would want a 3-way toggle switch along with 500k tone pots, but that's about all I know about wiring and electronics. So I wouldn't want to wire it myself, I would want a kit.

What type of kit should I use? There are no kits for Manson guitars, but what about PRS or Gibson wiring kits?

You can look at the knobs and toggle switch of the guitar I want to replicate (the pickup switcher is the bottom switch) here:

I'm trying to wire up 2 active pickups without using a switch or tone pots, only using 2 volume pots to blend them. I want to blend both pickup, not having one master pot and the other a blend pot. Is it possible? How should I wire them?
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