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At first I thought this band was really gimmicky. Anyone can record a song and add distortion. I do it garageband. However, after seeing video of him live playing with... Zach Hill... and being able to 1.) play a song at the same time as Zach and 2.) put on a good live show that still captured the aesthetic of the basement recordings, I'm a bit more impressed. The new songs are also leaps and bounds better in my opinion.
Saw Wavves live about 2 weeks ago and Nathan Williams was duly awesome, but damn the drummer was a complete douche. He's an annoying attention w hore who just won't shut the **** up and thinks that "lol munky cheese" and maniacal laughing are the pinnacle of comedy. Also, he ended "Green Eyes" by flashing his pale, flaccid dick to the crowd. Stay classy, dude.
Hmmm....I like it.
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Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown
I've been listening to Wavves so much lately. I was never really into his first two album but now I can't stop listening to them. Between the three songs that have been released so far I can tell Afraid of Heights is gonna be my AOTY.
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