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It's amazing the holes in my collection I have. For every album I find that seems a bit unheard of, there's another one somewhere that everyone else knows and loves that I'm blissfully unaware of.
Yea well, I've never heard Bethany Curve so I guess I could say the same. Shoegaze is an impressively vast genre for sure. Air Formation in particular is one of my very top favorites so far. Listening to Daylight Storms right now actually, haha.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

I love that there's so much of it, but that there's so many different sounds that you can find within it, certainly when you look at it with dream pop, ethereal wave, noise pop and the like attached.
I'm always going on rate your music, looking for an album I like, and then looking what best of lists people have included it in, and then looking what else is in there. And I can guarantee for every bad I've heard of, there's at least 3 that are new to me.

I'm actually contemplating doing a list of my favourite shoegaze myself, just for my own personal satisfaction, and documenting it should my hard drive or PC crash or whatever..

Blind Mr. Jones is my new latest discovery

The guitars on the first one were aparently written by (and possibly recorded, I'm nto sure) by Neil Halstead of Slowdive.
And the latter is notable for it's use of flute.
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Artwork for the new Ceremony due next month.

Got the Stargazer Lilies and Blackhearted Brother albums this week too.

Srargazer Lilies is really slow, but in a really hazy dreamy sort of way. Really recommend it.

Blackhearted Brother isn't as shoegazy as I'd have hoped, but I'm still enjoying it a lot.
Opale, the first single from the upcoming Alcest album is streaming on Spotify. I love it. Though I think those who liked the metal elements of Alcest will be a bit disappointed, but I've always said I preferred their none metal elements. But if there was any doubt in the past as to them belonging in this thread, they certainly do now.
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The new Ceremony album is really rather good

A bit more lo-fi in terms of production I feel, and a lot less 'in your face' than Rocket Fire was. But they still retain all the elements that make them great.

Thanks for sharing this. It's the first I've heard of them and I think it's great!

edit: I haven't read too far back in the thread but I've been listening a lot to the new Airs, I want to see their show on this Monday coming up
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Anyone into Screen Vinyl Image? I got sent a free copy of their Strange Behavior album with the new Ceremony album. It's not bad as it goes. I only knew a few tracks they did from the Ceremony Split they did, but I generally only listened to Ceremony's half. But this is like slightly electronica inspired shoegaze. Kind of like less conventional structures and stuff. Not essential as such, but certainly worth a listen.
Ceremony strike again, with their Birds EP being released today. Only available on Beatport so far.

Not listened to it fully yet, but a cursory skim of the tracks and it sounds a lot closer to the sort of sound they had around Rocket Fire and the two 7"'s they did around 2010, which for is a definite plus. As much as I loved Distance last year, I feel that there was a shift in sound with both production and song writing.
I'm a big fan of Pinkshinyultrablast (name withstanding) so I already love it. Sorry to break your post streak.
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I do like how this is basically a metal forum thread. I've been a little out of touch with shoegaze stuff for a while. After hearing Silver by Jesu I've had the itch again.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

I've never really clicked with Jesu, but I've only heard Ascension, which I gather might not have been the best place to begin.

I've also recently revised Secret Shine and have been really impressed with them, which is odd as I didn't think I liked them that much.

Also been listening to a lot of Skywave lately too.
I think Ascension is regarded by most as their worst. Definitely check out Silver, Conquer, and Sundown/Sunrise. Silver especially. Fantastic shoegazy post-metal.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

I think it's been long enough that I can re-evaluate them more neutrally. I like the look of Sundown/Sunrise, so I might start with that, and then Silver. Cheers.
I thought this might be an appropriate place to post this. My wife and I actually traveled to London (we're from Canada) to see Slowdive's reunion show at the Village Underground. Definitely one of the best shows I've been to - I'll probably get around to posting a review at some point.

We stuck around after the show and got to meet Neil, Rachel, and Nick. Pretty much a dream come true.
I have to say, I'm rather jealous. Had I been able to afford it, it'd have definitely been something I'd have wanted to do.

What was the set like? Mix across the career, or did they seem to focus on a particular era?
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What was the set like? Mix across the career, or did they seem to focus on a particular era?

It was a great overview of their entire catalogue, though it was a little heavier on the early material:

1. Slowdive
2. Avalyn
3. Catch the Breeze
4. Crazy for You
5. Machine Gun
6. 40 Days
7. Blue Skied an' Clear
8. Souvlaki Space Station
9. When the Sun Hits
10. Morningrise
11. She Calls
12. Golden Hair
13. Rutti
14. Alison

Everything was beautifully executed. The live rendition of "Crazy for You" was very different from the studio version, which was a little bit of a disappointment given that the studio version is my favourite Slowdive track, but I was surprised at how good everything sounded and especially at how fluid and tight a rhythm section Nick and Simon were. They sounded as though they had been playing these songs together all this time.