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Hey all, first post in this thread!

As a huge Slash fan I never thought to bother to listen to Chinese Democracy when it came out, until yesterday and holy shit is it sweet.
Axl may be perceived as a prick but he's a vox legend, and the band he's got now is amazing. I particularly like Scraped, and I'm checking out There Was A Time again now because of the praise it's getting here.

Is there any news on a new album? Another 15 years or so?
I don't even think has Axl has a clue dude. It could be in six months, six years, or never.
Welp, Duff played a show with Guns. This is officially cool.
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Going to see GNR next weekend. Anyone know if Duff is still filling in on bass, or is Tommy back?
So tell me GN'R fans, is it...

"To all those opposed"
"To all those who pose"
"To all those who oppose"


(Serious question, I have no idea what Axl's meant to be saying there. )
I think I'm one of the biggest GNR fans. I don't know why, but GNR just fits me. The sound of their guitars is amazing, especially on Appetite for Destruction. I think it's a pity they won't reunite in the future. The current 'GNR' is doesn't deserve the title GNR but Axl N' Friends.