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Hey all, first post in this thread!

As a huge Slash fan I never thought to bother to listen to Chinese Democracy when it came out, until yesterday and holy shit is it sweet.
Axl may be perceived as a prick but he's a vox legend, and the band he's got now is amazing. I particularly like Scraped, and I'm checking out There Was A Time again now because of the praise it's getting here.

Is there any news on a new album? Another 15 years or so?
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I don't even think has Axl has a clue dude. It could be in six months, six years, or never.
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Welp, Duff played a show with Guns. This is officially cool.
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Going to see GNR next weekend. Anyone know if Duff is still filling in on bass, or is Tommy back?
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So tell me GN'R fans, is it...

"To all those opposed"
"To all those who pose"
"To all those who oppose"


(Serious question, I have no idea what Axl's meant to be saying there. )
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I think I'm one of the biggest GNR fans. I don't know why, but GNR just fits me. The sound of their guitars is amazing, especially on Appetite for Destruction. I think it's a pity they won't reunite in the future. The current 'GNR' is doesn't deserve the title GNR but Axl N' Friends.