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Hello I haven't read everyone responses...cause that would take forever but I read the pinned post 1-6

I have a question I'm not sure was answered. Say you have a band Lets just call it sinister spleen. Sinister Spleen has a clear logo/image and art style as well as musical style. Sinister Spleen decided to record a 5 song Demo to give away as a promotion. A few weeks later Sinister Spleen agreed to start making Cd's to sell so long as they had a higher quality and the profits were split evenly. All but 1 song and 3 covers the guitarist of Sinister Spleen wrote. Sinister spleen all paid for the recording time, it was split evenly between the 3 members. After a disagreement Sinister Spleen Front man decides he wants to start his solo project and wants to quit the band. Now here's a conflict of interest, Sinister Spleen just spend a great deal of money on promotional items, teeshirts, Cds, and posters. For these reason Sinister Spleen wishes to keep the name and continue forward.

He agrees to let remaining members keep the name provided they not use any of the songs HE wrote.

He specifies he doesn't want any of his songs used in any way to promote sinister spleen or make any profit or monetary compensation.

Now in according to the sources I believe the remaining members of Sinister Spleen have the following options, they can PLAY the songs live, they can use the recordings so long as we do not Re-record any songs or change them in any way or take credit that we wrote them.

Also not worth mentioning but if the frontman said $%^# you Sinister spleen is done you cannot use the name, the remaining band members could tell him to bite a dick anyway right? As the front man never made any attempts to brand the name or trademark it so the question of band name was never an issue just a curtsy nod.

now the can'ts...

Sinister Spleen CANNOT sell said Cd's or make deals with the old songs(like commercials etc) and any sales accidentally/already made are to be compensated to the original song writer.

Does the original song writer just get 1/3 of the royalties, or is he entitled to every penny the song makes?

Also, is there a website with any pre-formatted contracts to make these things easier and legal so everyone knows the dos and donts?

ANNND One more, Say Sinister Spleens Bassist brought a recorder to some practices and recorded a few freestyle jams with the whole band. The Jams had no specific melody, went on for 8-10 minutes of just free styling and improving and contained ZERO lyrics. If Sinister Spleen used these jams for youtube videos are they in the clear as really no one but at the same time everyone in sinister spleen wrote them.

Thank-you just ran into a really awkward band breakup and the front man is kinda being a jerk about the whole thing.
And part 2 Say Front man of Sinister Spleen started a solo project and used songs he wrote under Sinister Spleen to gig, only he called it Chad Barnicles solo wave project farce. We live in the same city so there is definitely going to be a conflict of interest if Sinister Spleen uses the songs they no longer have rights to make money from.