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The Beatles
The Kinks
Bob Marley and the wailers

Probably my favourite/ most influential bands.
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1: Television
2: Håkan Hellström
3: Babyshambles
4: John Frusciante
5: Syd Barrett/early Pink Floyd.
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1. Qotsa - great riffs, progressions, just awesome
2. Rhcp - funky, catchy songs, inspiring
3. Ratm - energetic
4. Slipknot - just a great band
5. Green day - pure
If you phrased it differently, if I'm on an island and I can only pick 5 bands to listen to for all of eternity, I'd pick:

1.) Nirvana - My favorite band, they have only one song that I don't like and that's Love Buzz.
2.) The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Opposite of Nirvana, their music is completely uplifting.
3.) Sublime - I'd want some reggae/ska if I'm stuck on an island somewhere.
4.) Metallica - I already like some of their songs, but this is a band I want to get into more.
5.) The Ramones - Same as Metallica. They got some songs I really like, but I haven't checked out all of their material yet.

Honorable mentions: The Beatles. Black Flag. Fugazi. Tool. Pennywise. Rise Against. The Offspring. Elliott Smith. Sex Pistols.

Don't get me wrong, I love The Beatles, but they're just too dated every time I listen to them now. I will give them credit though, they are the first band ever to get me into music. Maybe I've just listened to them way too much over the years, but now their music just bores me.
Queens of the Stone Age
Alice in Chains (with Layne)
A Perfect Circle
Black Sabbath
The Offspring - best non-metal band ever.

I should pick another band, but it's kinda hard to decide which one, so I'll list just four.
Sorry for breaking the rules, but I just can't do 5
In no particular order
Switchfoot- Great riffs, Terribly underrated band
Foo Fighters- Instant classics, it's just good stuff
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Funky in the earlier years, progressed into more hard rock.
Muse- Interesting band, they mix rock with a little technoish stuff
Cake- Being both a guitarist and a trumpet player, I respect these guys a lot
Third Eye Blind- Catchy, Fun and simple (I know I'm gonna get ripped for this)
Aerosmith- Blues on steroids. Period.
Tool- Art rock and Prog. Metal mix that is just great
Queens of the Stone Age- Good band, caght my attention at Songs for the Deaf, and has leaded this list ever since.
Radiohead- Great vocals, great bass and drums and Jonny Greenwood? TERRIBLY underrated.
**** 5... ill do 7!

Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Alice In Chains
1. AC/DC - They're the shit man.
2. Iron Maiden - They have some of the best solos ever and the best bassist of all time.
3. Avenged Sevenfold - Best modern metal band out there, really like the vocalist and Synyster is my role model guitarist.
4. Metallica - Never heard thrash metal like this.
5. Linkin Park - May not be very raw anymore but have such a unique sound.
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1. The Black Keys - the older stuff is better but to me, bluesy and raw.
2. Local H - 2 man band from Chicago, Scott Lucas pours his heart into everything he does.
3. The White Stripes - raw and simple, go ahead and hate Jack White, he's pretty damn good.
4. Pearl Jam - the old standby's, when I want something more than a 2 man band.
5. Smashing Pumpkins - pre 1998. Love the loud.
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Can't do five, doing 10 at the very minimum. No order because **** ordinalising art.

Charlemagne Palestine
Extra Life
Django Reinhardt
Sunn O)))
La Monte Young
Eliane Radigue

Also fond of artists like Low, Rome, Merzbow, C93 etc but I haven't explored their discographies enough to rightly put them in my favourites list.
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Wolf Moon
Robert Alberg
Falcone Punch
Mutant Mishap
Grey September Horizon
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10 And in no order:

Arctic Monkeys
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Black Keys
Green Day
Two Door Cinema Club
The Strokes
Alice In Chains
Pearl Jam
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-King Crimson
-The Beatles
-Pink Floyd
-Luis Alberto Spinetta (anything from him)
-Queens of The Stone Age

That's is what i most like at my 26
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Guided By Voices

Next five:
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Local H
The Ramones
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