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Too nasally for me

Am I the only one who thinks Metallica are more of a song than an album band? Each of their listenable albums (RtL-Black) have great songs interspersed with awful ones. Ride has Fade to Black, Fight Fire with Fire, and Trapped Under Ice. Puppets has Battery, Damage INC and Sanitarium. Justice has One, the title track, Dyers, To Live is to Die, and Eye of the Beholder. And Black only has one truely awesome song: Wherever I may Roam.

EDIT: These are the shit songs.

Have to disagree. I can't even listen to the Black album because my tastes don't agree with what they were doing, but I can't say it's not a very well made album in it's own right, although I havn't listened to it in a very long time. Same applys to all their previous records, to each their own though.
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When I first got hold of the Black Album I played that song over and over, about fifty times. Now I like playing it on guitar, but I can't listen to it. I'm just tired of it and almost always skip it now. (that was the second album of theirs I got)

Man I'm even bored playing it on guitar. Love the song, but 20+ years of it has made it background noise.

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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Hmm judging from your pic you'd fit in more with a fat busted tribute.
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How many times can this band remake the same dvd?


Plus, they're supposed to be releasing the 3D movie, right? OH JOY! Another version of One (with studio dubbed double bass!)
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How many times can this band remake the same dvd?
As many times as they can make a good profit. Cause why settle for a fuckton of money when you can have more!
I'm kinda confused as to why they've released so many DVDs lately. Cash-in for collectors, I guess. And Lars's bank account.

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I dunno why, but I've been laughing at the lyrics "No more! The crap rolls out yo' mouth again!" for days now. Maybe it's because I never pay much attention to lyrics in general, but that one just had me bursting out laughing like a 10yr old every time I think about it.
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the more you have the more you want

Definitely applies to Metallica and ****.
Can Someone please tell me what settings/effects i should use to play the intro solo to
One on guitar
I seriously lost interest in Metallica after the Cunning Stunts dvd was released. My favorite song had always been Creeping Death, and after seeing him singing it like some Frank Sinatra wannabe I just couldn't look at them the same.

Seriously hated Death Magnetic. Heard all the hype about how they had gone back to thrash and blah blah blah. Bought the cd on release day, and gave it away that night.
another great band, my fav songs are fad to black and for whom the bells tolls
Considering he still has the scars on the side of his face it's a pretty hard to forget about it...
Anyone have any idea where to get Metallica on vinyl without paying an arm and a leg?
ive seen some vinyl CHEAP at some local pawnshops lately
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Really now?

Nah eBay is too expensive. I hope that a box set is released one day of kill rem all up to the black album.
Ride the lightning is a perfect album for me I love it. Everything since load hasn't done much for me personally.