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I haven't really gave these guys to much time, because what i've heard before I really didn't like to much. Not so much that It doesn't sound good. It's just It's nothing that i havent heard before. There's tons of bands like this, props to them, but it's nothing new. Maybe if they came out 5 to 6 years ago they'd get plays from me more.
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Love Chelsea Grin. I'll be doing Crewcabanger and Lifeless tomorrow. Maybe Recreant too if I can be bothered. I haven't learned the sweep properly yet though so maybe that can wait a day or so.
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Quote by |Matt|
Love Chelsea Grin. I'll be doing Crewcabanger and Lifeless tomorrow. Maybe Recreant too if I can be bothered. I haven't learned the sweep properly yet though so maybe that can wait a day or so.

Nice cover dude!

I actually covered Crewcabanger and Recreant,

They're in there somewhere hahahaha

EDIT: I just watched my videos, and you commented on both of them before
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Mate, this band is sweet, one of my favourites, they are supposed to be fecking sweet live aswell, from what I hear.
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...Are these guitar tones, like, on the album? Like, seriously?

BAHAHAHAHA, this guitar **** in the middle of "Recreants".

Terrible. Absolutely terrible, especially the vocals. Just, I don't know. Nothing to say here.
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whats the sample they use in crewcabanger? as in the spoken bit?
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