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Didn't really have the energy to go through all of the 73 pages so i'll list some bands that i didn't see in the beginning!

-Mayday Parade
-The Story So Far
-Angels & Airwaves (it's kind of pop punk. The lead singer Tom DeLonge is still always pop punk )
-Box Car Racer
-Relient K

This list is sorely missing Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and My Chemical Romance. I saw MCR on the emo list and I could hear Gerard Way screeching like a pterodactyl across the nation, I swear.
Your missing The Teen Idols, Los creepers, iggy pop. Also The Ramones have to be with The Queers ( best most good songs, Joe is a genius) Screeching Weasel, Teenage BottleRockets!
So Fall Out Boy, putter back inner is Pop, N Something Somewhere. If They pop punk, Weezer, How bout The Monkees, Beach Boys, Banana Splits, Motorhead, ASOL!!!, Tuff Darts, Dictators, Steve Jones,( fire and gasoline). The Stranglers?
Quote by bonham333
if The Ramones were pop punk, life would cease to exist, but it goes on so they're not...

Hey Mann, Right On for sure. Slayer rules, Metallica Sucks!! I knew it and I tell everyone
I agree Right now They both Kinda S+++ can't say it I miss Jeff Hanneman
Wow THE SEX PISTOLS are not here!!!!!!!! What? I am on A POP thread. The Damned, Clash, Kippy goullies, Batmobile (Transylvanian express, KILLING the song, The quakes, on and on that list is 50 short. I have to get to work love this thread, nebody out there knows of GOOD bands like Queers,Teenage Bottlerockets, Dr. Frank,Ben Weasel, Darlington, Judas Priest, Papa Roach 1st Album please let me know!!! need new music. 911ramones is Well u know.