What is this forum for?

This forum is for the promotion of YOUR band.

What isn't this forum for?

This forum is not for promoting your band promoting services, song promotion, musician ads, gear ads, or vote-for-me requests. It is simply for promoting your band.

What constitutes a band? Can I post my one man bands?

Yes, you may post one man bands. You may post electronic projects, solo acoustic projects, etc. Any kind of one man band is acceptable, as long as it is taken seriously to some degree.


1. Post only YOUR band.

Do not post your friends band or that local band down the street. You must be musically affiliated with the band you post. In a permanent manner, don't post if you've only guest appeared.

2. Do NOT bump your thread.

Bumping is spam. Spam will be deleted. Spammers will be warned. If nobody is replying, tough luck.

Posting news on your band is NOT considered bumping. So if you have a new song, a new website, etc., feel free to post in your thread about it! But posts such as, "Anyone else?", "Bump", "Nobody?" etc. will result in deletion and a warning and/or banning.

3. ONE thread only.

Same as bumping only the exceptions to the bump rule do not apply. If your band has news, put it in your already-existent thread. No new threads on your band at all, period.

4. Constructive criticism only.

"You suck, your band sucks, lol gtfo newb" is NOT constructive. If you have nothing helpful to say, leave the thread. Insulting/arguing WILL result in a warning and/or banning.

5. Do NOT post single songs.

We have other forums for that. This is for overall promotion of bands, not promotion of single songs. If you wish to post single songs, do that in the following forums:

Original Recordings
Songwriting and Lyrics

6. Do NOT post Vote-For-Me threads.

We are not here to help you win a contest. If you are in some challenge that requires votes then you may utilize other features on this site to achieve it. Your profile and signature are two wonderful examples.

7. Do NOT post band name threads.

The ONLY BAND NAME THREAD is now a sticky in the Bandleading subforum . You may discuss them in that thread.

8. Accept criticism with grace.

Don't get pissed cause someone doesn't like your band. If they flame you with rude comments that were intended to upset you, then report it. Please don't argue.

Follow these rules and you'll be fine. If you break them then you're to blame for the consequences. If someone breaks one of these rules then REPORT IT. Reply with *reported* and then move on. Do not argue with the person because I will have to warn you, too.

Remember, every time you report something, a mod gets his wings. Or something.

Additional thoughts:

- Be a pal and rate some of the bands that you listen to. Ever notice that you can rate threads? Use that feature to rate the band on a scale of one to five.

- Consider following this form for the title of your thread.
Band Name - Genre - Location
You are more likely to attract an audience if you can snag their attention with something neat and clean rather than a mess saying "u listen 2 me! i have band".

- Retrieving feedback is normally achieved by delivering feedback. It's a common courtesy. You do something for someone and they will most likely pay back the favor. If you don't seem to be getting any critiques, try it out. It fosters community.

-Use the stick thread button. Have you noticed the personal sticky feature? You can use it to help to keep track of your own thread (or those of your favorite UG bands). If you stick your own thread it keeps you from having to search whenever you want to update your thread with news. Plus, it cuts down on the possibility of your thread getting closed and you getting warned for not following the rules.

-Use the report button. Did you see something violating the rules? An advertising thread? Someone that you know has made a thread about their band before? Someone flaming another user's band? Report it! It makes my life easier and this place better for you because you won't have people making new threads about their band and knocking yours down.

-Be courteous. It was stated in the rules above but it needs to be slammed into your brains for you to comprehend how important it is. Nobody is going to listen to a person who can not carry a positive attitude. Bullies and schmucks are not welcome and will be punished accordingly.

If you have questions about the rules, or even suggestions to improve this forum, feel free to PM me. I'm usually pretty quick to answer.

Thanks to Slut, LazyGuitar, marchoso and others for their contributions.

Promote Your Band: FAQ and Rules was last updated September, 22rd 2009. (by uhh_me?)