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I seen him live he's deffinatly as good as Slash and his playing is cleaner than Slash's even though Slash is one of my favoite guitarists.
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I think he's a great guitar player. I love his work on generation terrorists..
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I love his appearances on Jools Holland. He seems a regular on many shows.

Him and Nicky Wire deserve to be noticed more!
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Nicky is a snappy dresser. Ill give him that.

JDB is a good guitarist, great singer and passionate musician.
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Yeah i mean i'm not insulting Slash at i just think there are alot of guitarist who are as good as him that havent been noticed. And yeah alot of the stuff on Generation Terrorist is amazing i love the solo his does on repeat.
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Richey was a way better guitarist. I agree with Stephen Wells, all that learning chords and stuff gets in the way of the main thing; making it look as if your guitar is your penis.
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JDB? Got no respect for him whatsoever. I met him once, he was a rude, obnoxious, stuck-up prick. I got no time for people like that, he's just an as*hole.