i'll keep this nice and simple
general rules:
  • no flaming
  • don't spam band threads (e.g. going into a sonic youth thread and saying that they're just noise and they suck without posting a valid argument)
  • no spamming/advertising
  • no plotting (e.g. planning to spam someone's youtube page or myspace or whatever)
  • don't piss me or uhh_me? off. this should be common sense
  • try to stay on topic. we have a community thread for a reason. this can be kind of hard.
  • no versus threads.
  • do not post threads that belong in the modern rock forum! big one. this is for the sake of YOU the user. some people have no idea how damaging it could be when a bunch of elitist snobs like us verbally crucify your favorite band.

for those of you who still don't know about the warnings/bans system:
first warning lasts 30 days.
second warning results in a ban, which also lasts 30 days. your second set of warnings/bans last 45 days, third one lasts 60 days, and your fourth set of warnings last 60. your fourth ban is permanent. let's make sure we don't have to experience this ... ever.

most of you guys are good-natured and don't necessarily need these rules, but we don't want this place to turn into something unpleasant such as the metal forum or worse, the pit .

all other general forum rules apply and breaking these rules would result in the unfortunate unveiling of the b4nh4mm3r.

i created a flowchart, which is kind of unnecessary, but i have a lot of time on my hands these days and this would definitely reduce the influx of threads.
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does anyone else think the searchbar is a little too unfriendly for looking up threads on band threads that get lost in the forum but hold so much knowledge that it isn't even worth creating a new thread on said band?

a couple minutes ago, i wanted to find the weezer thread, so i mosey'd over to the searchbar and typed in weezer. these were the results. as you can see, none of the threads even had "weezer" titled in them. so, i had to go through the complicated process of searching threads by actually CLICKING the search link on the top of the forum. yes, i know, total disaster.

so, just come in this thread if you need to find a band's thread without having to go through the stupid searchbar.

The Strokes
The Smiths
Broken Social Scene
Fleet Foxes
General Shoegaze Thread
Sonic Youth
The Flaming Lips
Minus the Bear
General Post Rock Thread
Dinosaur Jr.
Animal Collective
My Bloody Valentine
My Morning Jacket
The Hold Steady
Xiu Xiu
Joy Division

well, that's all i could find/think of. if i am missing any, please let me know. i'll get to it as soon as possible.

also, i want to make sure there is a criteria for putting the band into this thread. yes, all indie bands are equally indie, but we don't want one post full of all these links because that may get confusing. so, let's make sure that before you request a band to be put in here that the band's thread is relatively large (about 80+ posts). also, the band has to be indie (see: flowchart). i don't want to mistakenly put (god forbid!) a metal band in here .

also, if i did make a mistake with the links for a band, go ahead and PM your local/friendly moderator.

questions? comments? feel free to PM me or Joe (uhh_me?).

please PM links in the following format:
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