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Metal - Thanks, the neck should feel like a thunderbird

Ah. Is it gonna be painted?
thats sick.

Good luck man
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Well I'm back at my old shop, and boy, is it good to be back. the shop at the school is horribly inadequate by comparison. So once my teacher cleans out the filtration system I'm gonna start realyl working on it. right now the most important thing on my list is ordering wood for the fretboard so I can get that done and attached as soon as possible.

today i planed the sides down to get rid of scratches and dents it got while coming home from college.

can't do much but cut out the headstock untill the fretboard arrives tho ...

Damn! I'm in love with the stain you did on that guitar. I'd like to stain my bass like that, and carve a celtic knot in. But it all depends on how well the grain looks when I sand off the current finish.

As for your bass, it looks like the body is kind of small, but it may just be me. CONVINCE YOUR ROOM MATE TO LET YOU STAIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The color of the two woods contrast nicely. Check out carvin's website for pics on nech-throughs with a clear/stained finish.
hey man i am AMAZED by you. and inspired. on the first guitar, did you just cut the initial slab out of the mahogany with a jigsaw. then did you just sand for ages to get the sections where its a sloping corner?

thanks man
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