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Quote by srob7001

The thread title cracks me up..John Frusciante's an oxymoron.

... what?

I read your other post too. lol at thinking technique is speed.
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Quote by trashbeast
... what?

I read your other post too. lol at thinking technique is speed.

lol at thinking I was thinking technique is only speed.

I'm not getting into this again.

John Fruciante is the best guitarist alive......everyone feel better now? Jesus Christ!

I will just keep my opinion on what I consider technical to myself next time.
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Quote by ItsOnlyGNR
That's not because John isn't technical, it's because of RHCP's style. They've never had complicated guitar parts. He wrote his guitar parts to be simple because there's only one guitar, so he needed to make it sound "thicker", for lack of better words... On that video you were talking about he says something about the song "Little Wing", right?.... I forget exactly what he says, but it had something to do with making one guitar sound like 2 or 3. And that's what he did.

EDIT: Here's what he said:

Yeah to the inexperienced ear, which further strengthens that it's someone's disability that makes it sound like it is.

in other words it's theoretically an illusion and not truly in the music.

Check this; This what real playing 2 parts sound like (Cause he's in fact playing 2/3 parts at the same time);

This is advanced technique, and is something not many people can play.

I bet people can write those kind of songs, but to play them you need to be technically skilled (on the guitar).

Quote by Ninjake

I'm not saying people who focus on technical skill are worse at guitar or even music than those who don't, i'm saying they've lost sight of what music is.

That will be all, I have work in the AM.

Since when do you decide what the meaning of music is?

Why do you imply your opinion is fact?

Are you the god of musicology?

Though I agree there needs to be an healthy balance, in no way can you dismiss one as a higher kind of music the another.

That basically goes against the entire meaning of "art". Which music is whether one focuses more on the technical side or not.

Quote by Ganphra
HAHA, RHCP isn't representative at all of JF's technique. Look at his dozen or so single albums.... and you'll see his genuis. There are two reasons why he can't teach: First, he doesn't know theory much if any.... and his personality makes it difficult to talk to people... especially teach people. If you watch any interviews past 97 you'll see what I mean... He's very technically advanced.... but his lack of theory knowledge... and introverted personality makes it difficult for him to teach!

Music theory and Technique are 2 different things.

IF someone can play guitar then he can't automatically play piano, because he learned guitar techniques, and not piano techniques.

While music theory applies to every western instrument.

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Even though the bickering has sorta stopped...

John I think was a lot more technically skilled before the days of Heroine 24/7 and he said he basically had to retrain himself guitar as he went to rehab in 97/98 because his muscles lost pretty much all memory as he was weening. (this is rumor from another HUGE frusciante fan) so Cali of course, wasn't going to be nearly as skilled as something along the lines of Smiles/Niandra Lades (which, in my opinion, are some of the more beautifully written albums music wise in the past couple decades) but he kept his drive and emotional gate on the guitar through that. This is what kept his music beautiful even after basically retrained how he played (if that rumor is even true)

This will be the same arguement over David Gilmour, BB King, Tom Morello, and several other great musicians who made their money by conveying part of their actual feeling into their guitar parts with limited 'technical skills'. People come in bashing them for their lack of technique, fanboys jump saying he is the best ever, blah blah blah. I just know that John is very technically skilled and is one HELL of a songwriter and rock composer.

I also think the world needs people like Frusciante that make GREAT songs that aren't bad. He is pretty much the reason I didn't give up guitar because I wanted to play Under the Bridge so bad I eventually learned to barr chord, and that chord structure really might have been the death of me without discovering John. I'm sure I'm not the only one like that.
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First of all, Im a John fanboy. I own and love pretty much anything he has ever done.

Still, anybody that says that he is one of the most TECHNICALLY gifted guitarists ever is just wrong. There is no opinion here if you can admit that technical means, precise, consistent, fast, with an added knowledge of theory.

John might know a lot of theory, but he plays sloppily, and relatively slowly (compared to some of the more tecnichal guitarists these days).

Again, Im a fanboy, hes my favorite guitarist, and probably my favorite songwriter as well. Still, theres no reason why I cant be honest about his abilities as a musician. He just makes music I love, and thats why I like him so much, but that really does not have too much to do with technique.

Now, to answer the OPs original question, the noises your are hearing are just string noise. I know most of john solos front and back and I can guarantee you those noises are the occasional open string with dirt and other random noises produced by switching neck positions in a rather sloppy way (one of the things I love about his playing).

Also having two distortion pedals at the same time accentuates noise to a whole other level. String changes and missed notes are just more apparent and thats probably why they come through so clearly in johns playing.

Stop looking for some weird or quirky technique to makes these sounds. Just use alot of dirt (preferably two pedals set to medium dirt for extra noise yet clear notes rather than one pedal set to max gain) and hit the strings hard....and i mean HARD. Also dont be afraid to hit allt he strings while soloing but just hold down the one you want to play....this gives you a lot of dead notes to go along with your solo, john often does this as well.
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He's doing muted, semi/muted string rakes with distortion leading into his notes/chords.

I've been trying for months now to learn his solos etc. from the Stadium Arcadium. I even went and bought the offical tab of the 2 disc album.

I love his style, agression and melodic prowess. One of my favorite players!
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The one right before Anthony screams "Yeah" sounds almost like a volume swell. I can see that giving a "breathing" sound...maybe it's what you mean?
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Quote by Jimmy_Page_Zep
The one right before Anthony screams "Yeah" sounds almost like a volume swell. I can see that giving a "breathing" sound...maybe it's what you mean?

I know what you're talking about, and that's not what I'm talking about lol. The volume swell is feedback, I'm pretty sure... But it's like, immediately after that volume swell he does it, just before he hits the first note... And he does it again somehwere else in the solo. It's very subtle, but it sounds so awesome.
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Back to the thread topic....

I think what you're talking about is basically a rake before a bend. I love that sound too, and I use it a lot. It sounds real aggressive. If you're doing a bend on the B string, don't just hit the B string. Do a rake over the strings around it with those strings muted by your first finger, this might be the sound you're looking for
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Quote by manhangi
Even though the bickering has sorta stopped...

John I think was a lot more technically skilled before the days of Heroine 24/7 and he said he basically had to retrain himself guitar as he went to rehab in 97/98 because his muscles lost pretty much all memory as he was weening. (this is rumor from another HUGE frusciante fan)

Anthony talks about this in his autobiography (which I read, loved and left in another country. ****.)

It's true. It's the reason the main riff for californication is 4 quarter notes:P
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hes not actually purposely doing it. Its not a planned thing. What it is is the sound after a note is played going into another note. Youll need distortion and then play a high note bended then let go completely and youll hear the breathe. Its hard to explain but i do know that John isnt planning to make that sound, it just happens when he is going from one note to another
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I think it's funny how if someone is fast then their music sucks... and if someone is slow then their music sucks as well.

techniques are just tools. he seems to have good enough technique to make the music he wants to make, and that is all that actually matters; but i'm only saying that because i like his music haha
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So this post is getting old, but still not truly answered. Anybody got any idea by now how Frusciante makes that noise? I too did it on accident and have no idea how I did it.
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Luckily I was recording while I made 'the mistake'.

It's an extract from a cover of Can't Stop and the noise I'm talking is between the first and second note of the solo.


Hope it clears up what I'm talking about.
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this thread is dead
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