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Anyone see him recently? hes coming to my town in october and im going to see him (probably stoned out of my mind too!!) how is he??

thanks guys. peace
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I'm pretty sure that thefallofman saw him recently...Don't remember what he said though.
I caught him on the 500th episode of Woodsongs and thought he was still amazing.
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Yeah, I saw him last September. He played a great show and hung out to meet the crowd after the show, which was awesome. It's definitely worth going, he hasn't lost a bit of his energy and power.
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He's the guy who uses his thumb to play chords right? In the Woodstock movie? Good performance!
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I know this thread is really old and it only has a few posts in it, but I also don't care.

Richie Havens passed away, and I'm incredibly sad about it.
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Yeah I actually really loved him so this is sad to me too.
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