^ Solla Sollew from the musical Seussical.

This was my absolute favourite song from the entire musical, so when I found the score to the musical on the internet, I jumped at the chance to do my own version of it.

Programmed on Cubase LE4
Everything remotely orchestral - Edirol Orchestral VST
Bass - Pro-53
Everything else - Absynth 4

All feedback is welcome. C4C as well
I was in this musical! I did a guitar cover with a girl of Notice Me Horton. Great job! I like your arrangement. The...not sure what it is. Xylophone? kind of sticks out too much, especially during the verses but I'm not sure if you have control of that.

"Maybe it's something like heaven"


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first of all wow. I've been in the pit band for this show a few times and always loved this song. I've heard both good and bad performances of it and I must say your arrangement is lovely. I even teared up a little.