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Sounding MUCH better than the first example Humbug! Keep it up, your screams are pretty cool sounding for the style.

@Merriman what the hell man, I finally post original material and you ignore it? It's like you don't love me anymore :'(

@Crypt1 I don't remember what stage of learning you're at unfortunately, but I agree with the other guys that when you first start it can be hard to get the muscle memory down, and when I started there were days when I had no scream at all. It could also be allergies, or just that your voice isn't warmed up or lubricated (watered) regularly enough.
Oh, that is actually an excellent improvement! You've definitely got some more fry in there, and it sounds harsher. I like it!

@BR I'm about 5-6 months in. I've had the feeling consistent for a good 3 or 4 of them, which is why this is so surprising.

I suppose it could be allergies, but I haven't heard anyone complaining about it, and I don't feel otherwise any different, only in my screams.
I'll let my chords rest a couple days and see if anything changes. If not, I guess I'll have to work through the setback.
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BR- I thought I replied to you! Must not have went through. I am beyond excited for your vocals. The intensity is incredible and blends with the music wonderfully. More importantly though, your use of melody and structure is on level with the pros. I wish I could give you more feedback, but when you knock it out of the park like that, well, *shrugs.
@Crypt1 Man, I've been screaming for nearly 5-6 years now and I still sometimes can't scream properly on certain days. I'm hoping you're just having an off-week, which we all get, but otherwise I wouldn't be sure what is going on.

@Merriman Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from someone who's consistently writing and recording vocals. I wish my friend had finished recording that song so I could do the rest of it
So something kinda scary happened yesterday. I havent done much pure screaming in the last few months since the band was kinda on the fritz and i was more focused on my thrash band, but things seem to be picking up and it looks like we will have some shows lined up soon, so i decided to practice screams again. I was screaming in my car with some songs, and i stumbled upon something that sounded much more fry-like than my usual false cord. It also felt very different, like some sort of crackling in my throat. There was no pain, and it was easy to maintain when i found the sweet spot. So, naturaly i was happy about that, and i proceded to belt out the first part of sons of winter and stars. But then i came to the clean singing part, and my voice was just gone. Completely. I had like a 2 note range, it sounded like shit, it broke into falsetto immediately. I have never ever lost my voice in my life, especially not to this degree. I could barely speak. It didnt hurt, i wasnt even feeling any discomfort, my voice was just flat out gone.

What the fuck? I stopped immediately, and ive been mostly quiet since then, and im gonna see if i can still actually sing this afternoon, but holy shit, this is freaking me out.
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Oof, that's scary. Maybe the hiatus just threw you out of whack and you'll have to ease back into it? Keep us in the loop, hope it's better soon.
I actually tried singing a bit like an hour ago, and everything seems to be back to normal. So i dunno what happened. Its not like im seriously out of practice, i use the ocaional screams in the other band as well, and do grit singing pretty much all the time. So i guess it was a weird anomaly. im just gonna stay away from whatever i did.
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@gorkyporky Perhaps the new scream style caused muscle fatigue in your vocal chords. I could see the lesser used muscles that were engaged in that form of screaming becoming fatigued and then affecting your singing vocals without causing pain, which also could explain the short recovery time.

Perhaps not stay away from it entirely, if it's pain-free explore it on days when you don't have shows and see if it continues to cause issues after a bit of practice. If so, maybe it's not meant to be, but it's worth checking it out at least.
You think? I really dont wanna do anything to fuck up my singing voice, because im finally at a point where i like my singing. I worked really hard for it, and i dont wanna screw it up with screaming.
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Well the vocal chords are muscles, the same as any other muscle, and I know that when I do an exercise like bench press then try to do tricep extensions, my triceps aren't going to be as strong during the second exercise because of the fatigue from the press movement.

It stands to reason that, while doing this form of screaming, you could be engaging some of the same muscles you use to sing but your body isn't used to using them this way, causing fatigue. You said it yourself that you don't feel any pain or discomfort, but you were unable to use your vocal chords in other ways after, but it recovered after a short period of time.

So as I said, if you have time when you can afford to fatigue those muscles, maybe play around with it a bit and see if you see improvement in your ability to sing after. If after a few sessions there's no difference, then yeah I agree, forfeit it, but otherwise you may be throwing away a new style that you could incorporate into your repertoire over a minor inconvenience.
One correction. The vocal cords are thin mucous membranes. Therefore, they absolutely do not ever get stronger. On the contrary, as we age and abuse them, the get stiffer and less useful, even in the best of circumstances.

Protect your cords. Now BR, you may be right that the muscles that control them became fatigued, but I don't buy this. Something is off. For those muscles to be so fatigued that they totally fail, I think Gorky would have felt it.

My advice? Go see an ENT and get it settled. After that, dabble all that you wish.

Its more likely that you had inflamed cords that day. For singing they need to vibrate at a higher velocity than screaming, and they can't do that when filled with fluid. Further, this goes along with the idea that your scream was different. To me, it sounds like you were able to get this scream at that moment because your cords were already under assault (allergies, etc).
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Thats kinda what i was thinking. I wasnt really feeling 100% that day, but i was able to sing normaly. I tried some screams again a few days later and while it was better, my voice seemed to be going pretty fast as well. So im just gonna lay low and not do any screams for like a week or whatever, and see if it improves.

Going to an ENT is like a 3 month long process in my country tho, so im gonna see if things normalize. If they dont, im going.
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I haven't done vocals like this in literally years, but I'm thinking of dipping my feet back in the water again now I'm picking up bass after the first time in a while. If I'm going back to it would be best to just treat myself like a total beginner do everything very slow and steady?

So I rested up a while and tried to scream again. It's starting to feel normal again, though I did forget just how much it kills the tummy ^~^
So I'm not totally sure exactly what happened, but I think I can get back to learning and progressing.
hey everyone. this sure has changed since the last time I was around here, whoa O_O

getting down to business, here's a little clip with demonstrations of the things I learned with most of you guys' advice. that and I resumed my research on false chord vocals, I would appreciate it if, now with pop filter so it should be clear to hear what may be going wrong in the false chord bit of it all, i could get any input on it?


also, noob question: my pop filter makes me sound too quiet even with compression and EQ'ing, in regard to an insturmental, what am I missing here, assuming i'm not too far from the mic? (3-4 inches from mic and not wanting to eat that pop filter lol). I know I'm quiet and fry is a really subtle thing with diaphragm pressure but this is apparently being blown off its proportions. thank you everyone
Darktimes- Up the gain or get a preamp. Nothing doing beyond that. As far as the clip, false cord is based on your cords. Sounds like you just aren't a low guy. However, I have developed an overall lower tone as time has gone on. Its not as brutal as you are looking for but its lower with just repetition.
actually scratch that, it was an Audacity issue. i was reluctant to return to my current DAW, yet I did anyway and things are ok again. Audacity's master volume control often gets screwed, apparently. everything is working like it should right now but still I thank thee. let it be general knowledge to any lurkers just starting out with their first daw, if it's audacity, beware of a set number of problems that might show up as you go.

those highs/mids sound righ to you? they're fine at first but get really damaging after a while, they scratch, it's not unbearable but they scratch and I have no improvement on them as of yet. been working on it since I first showed up here on UG.
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Hard telling on the fry stuff. Maybe someone else will chime in. The false cord stuff sounds like you haven't gotten to the point where you can isolate the true voice out of it. But false cord screams are always kind of gross sounding, mine are for sure. But in a mix it sounds meaty and powerful

Edit: Here's a recent example: If you isolate my false cord scream they sound like an angry monkey taking a sideways crap. However, once entered into the mix they resonate powerfully even though they are quite low in the mix. Compare also how mine have less of my true fold sound and the mix is much more based on the meaty and slow vibrating false folds. If you want your tone to sound lower, you just need to work on removing your voice from your false cord scream. That high screechy overtone you are getting is stressed true fold tone.

I can't help you with how to get rid of that and deactivate the true folds except to try out different placements. When I focus the sound lower and out of the nasal cavity, I think I inherently cause some more compression on the folds and that back pressure helps the false cords vibrate more uniformly, evenly and safely.

Hope that helps!
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Hi guys, so this thread has been inactive for a while now. I have a question about fry again. I came to the point where i seem to be doing something that resembles a fry scream. It uses much less air than false cord, and it utilizes the fry sound, and sounds like shit on its own. But im still strugling with volume. I can get it almost as loud as my speaking voice, but thats pretty much the limit, and ive been stuck at that point for a while now with no improvement. Is that just the nature of fry screams, that they are way more silent than anything else? Beucase i cant see myself using this in a live setting, unless i do some dramatic manuvering around the microphone to maintain the same volume.
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