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Crypt are those fries I hear? you're not supposed to go super low or anything like that with fry and not sound like a toilet flush or a cavernous cricket. I'll give you an example. on my clip up there, in thefirst chorus i went to my lowest tone and it sounds weak and all muffled, it's my own physical limitation.

there are two things here that could be considered in my opinion:

1 - your voice just won't go there


2 - unconsciously you're doing something wrong or not hitting the correct sweet spot to go there. usually the range opens up as we go and it is perfectly possible to strengthen it.if it's fry you're doing it will never get super loud, there's False chord screaming for that

you did a really good job nonetheless. progress is present
I've actually just given up on trying to figure out what type of scream I'm doing. At first I was doing something that I thought was probably fry, now I'm doing something similar-ish feeling, but uses way more air and feels more like a "little girl scream" but without any irritation (as opposed to shouting through fry register). It's also far, faaaar louder. I thought it was leaning into false chord territory but from what I gather that's got more of a growly feeling which I don't think I've got much of here. All I know is it sounds appropriately screamy and doesn't hurt at all, so I've been working with it.

Thanks for your thoughts! I'd be sorta surprised if my voice can't get any lower. While I still have a young-sounding voice, I'm roughly in the bass-baritone range. But I guess I'll consider it an option if further practice doesn't go anywhere. I'd say it's worth exploring other techniques but I think by now it's clear I can't seem to understand any of them well enough to know how to work on a specific one.

And thank you! Glad I'm not imagining improvement ^~^