I'm having a problem with my Jem.

The G string seems to oscillate really badly from the 12th fret and upwards.

It almost sounds like I've got a tremelo effect on my G string alone. What could be happening?

edit: Actually now that I have noticed it. ALL my strings do this after the 12th fret but the G sticks out the most.
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is it when you`ve got your gain set to 10, and is it pre or post 2004?

and how close are the pickups to the strings?

do you have fret buzz when you play it unplugged?
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gain is set to 5.5 almost always its a 2007 model

pickups are about 10-15mm from string,
no fret buzz,
was professionally set up last month.

might be worth mentioning. i only hear it oscillate when its on the gain channel.
Ibanez Jem 7V-WH
PRS Custom 24
ESP Ltd EC1000
Could be as simple as needing to change the strings?
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Did you find out how to get away from this issue ? I've got the same and after having my guitar professionally checked by a luthier, I had no choice but sending it back to ibanez...