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Yes it is possible, but should have being done by a professional and it will be costly.

Why not sell the m600 and buy a m600t?

I have recently seen in a pawn shop website from my town (Brno in Czech Republic) a nice looking Les Paul imitation guitar from CORT at a very good price but I have some doubts.

I already own a Cort X6 and I think it is really a great guitar for the price (paid new 160 E), and I heard somewhere that the older CORT guitars (80s and 90s) were much better than the actual ones in terms of wood quality and construction, since the guitar I saw seems to be older than the actual LP type models from CORT (the headstock and logo is different and also the pickups are) I was wondering if it might be a good deal (they are selling it at 100E including a nice looking case) but I wasn't absolutely able to find anywhere hints on the year this guitar might be and specs.

Can anyone help me from the pictures to have an idea about it ? unfortunately for a while I am not able to go there and check by myself.

Pictures can be found in another thread I opened previously :

Thanx !!!
Hey, so i'm pretty new to Cort Guitars, and i thought you might be able to help me.
I bought this guitar from guitar center to restore and mod and such. But like usual i didn't get the model info or year or anything, i know it was made in korea and it feels fairly old(not necessarily vintage, but you get the idea) and the case it came with is an old cardboard "hard"shell one that is sort of falling apart. so i was wondering if any of you could give me some info if anyone can identify what it is, or maybe some tips on where to look. i might be able to provide more info, just tell me what you need
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I have a Cort Pagelli 1 charcoal smoke or whatever they call it and for being made in 2006 and sold for around $400 street price it's the best playing guitar I have ever played on, huge frets, awesome action, wide nut, contoured fingerboard. Still looking for that guitar with a 2" nut though.'s old..the guy who sold it to me lied about odds and ends so I'm trying to fix it as I go, I need to replace the tuning machines but everyone I talk to says it's impossible to tell what tuning machines it needs even though I shove one of them under their nose. I know it takes a mini but what company or style exactly would work on mine without me having to modify the head? I know there are metric and standard and single prong and double or triple prong etc. Actually I'd like to upgrade to locking machines if I knew what would fit without me having to tear it up. Any help would be more help than all the local guitar shops in this area. Thank you.
I have just purchased a Cort Source, I am told built about 1990 in Korea. Problem is the colour is not steaight Cherry, but Cherry Burst? That is Cherry around the outside and golden yellow inner. The back is Cherry. Could anyone give some info
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Sorry don't know a thing about that one...

Never found this thread before, I picked up a Cort CL 1500 in a pawn shop several years ago, excellent hollow body guitar, not crazy about the pickups or bridge. I swapped out the bridge a while back for a Badass Wrap around, works a lot better than the factory bridge. The factory bridge was just not a good design, didn't work well.

I don't have any pictures, mine is the same color as the one in this article.

A few more pictures here

This guitar plays great, excellent workmanship, not a flaw anywhere I can find, I really like the thicker wood used for a hollow body, gives it a more solid feel, sounds better unplugged than most hollow bodies I've played, hardware seems to be good quality, never had any problems with tuners and stays in tune well, my main complaint is the pickups could be better.

The guy who originally lost it to the pawn shop offered to give me twice what I paid for it, I didn't even have to think twice..NOPE...this one's staying right here where it is, in my guitar lineup...He would have had to go a lot higher anyway, I got it for $200, it was valued at around $650 at the time...
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