So, I want to improve my singing voice, but I live in a small town and wouldn't be able to afford em anyway. What is the best way to improve your singing voice? I'm not looking to become great but at least decent.
youtube: singing lessons

problem solved lol it worked for me

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well i just sang along to songs in my car while driving till i matched notes properly, then i recorded myself singing to hear my tone and adjusted it until it sounded good. worked for me. but first all you need to do is make sure you're breathing properly and using your diaphragm properly.
find stuff on arual skills. It focuses more on hearing rather than singing, but hitting the right notes is always important. Also, look into breathing techniques...that will help you control your voice or if your voice sounds weak or shaky. I'm not a singer, but I couldn't sing for s**t before i started these techniques, and at least now ppl's ears won't bleed when i sing lol.
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That article seems to suggest that you can't learn to sing at all without lessons. Obviously proper lessons would be the best option in terms of proper technique, but the idea that you will never be good enough (according to personal standards) without proper lessons is something I don't think is 100% true. You should keep in mind that not everyone is planning on becoming a professional touring lead singer.
Not to suggest you can't learn to sing at all. Just to say that you can't learn to sing *properly* without lessons. (some exceptions may apply.... some people just seem to be able to do so naturally, but they're few and far between)

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I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

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Agreed on the whole youtube thing - lots of good stuff there - why waste your money. If you have come across any golddust on youtube please post - for me so far pete moody is easy to follow
You should look into Skype lessons. Theres quite a few vocal coaches who do it, I dont have any names off hand but im sure a little research will get you some info. I know the Singing Success coaches do them, im sure others do too.

Other than that you can get a singing progam. I can vouch for Singing Success, if you do the exercises properly and practice daily in 3 to 6 months you should have a good singing foundation down (no strain anywhere, pitch correction, able to sing high notes etc). Its the closest replacement to singing lessons/skype lessons. Although you do still have to put money down for it, but I think its worth the price. Its a systematic vocal program, theres a science to it which ive come to really appreciate.

Theres other programs out there, but I haven't tryed them, I've heard good things about Ken Tamplins program and others out there. Do some research to find what works best for you, and in the price range your willing to pay.

Also, as far as youtube goes, yes theres some good stuff on there, I really like ericarceneaux videos (he has a great video series on diaphragm breathing from which I learned from) however you wont see a ton of progress, most likely very little, or none at all. You need to do daily singing exercises that are constructed for your voice. Thats what a vocal coach gives you, plus you get the ever valuable feedback on your singing. You'll see GREAT results in a MUCH shorter period of time. Theres a reason its reccommended so much. Unless your just a complete natural when it comes to singing (which is rare, but I know a couple lucky bastards lol) you need to seek a proper learning structure.
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