i searched and saw that there were no threads in this subforum about them so i decided to start one.

First off, other than being amazing musicians and great people, they are good friends of mine from high school. Oddly enough, nobody thought that they were gonna make it anywhere. Glad they proved everyone wrong.

Anyhow, discuss this great up and coming band and their kick ass album Absolute Zero.
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I watched the vocal recording thing on youtube and I hope they sound better than the rough recording, still pretty good.

As for the band I like thier stuff quite a bit.
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Shameless plot to promote zee band.
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new CD "Altered State" is coming out October 12th 2010, and they just signed to Nightmare Records.

You can read the press release here: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=144049

Also, they announced that you can stream samples from each song off the album and pre-order it here:

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^ **** yeah, I found out about them through that review on UG in 2009. Gary added me on Facebook a while ago because Tetrafusion was listed under music I liked. I cannot ****ing wait for that album, it is guaranteed to be awesome.
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Yeah, Tetrafusion! It's good to finally see a thread about these guys. They make some really impressive music. I really dig their conceptual ideas, as well. Really interesting stuff.
I'm hoping they can extend us a hand and introduce us to the Louisiana scene. I like their conceptual ideas as well, fascinating.
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i'm really just ready for them to do a US tour!...they did it once last year and haven't since. Since they signed I'm sure it'll be much more, hopefully
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the new album is absolutely amazing too bad they don't have any tabs for monologue I want to play that on guitar so goddamn badly