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Quote by SaviArt
Youtube is great for beginners.

What YouTubers are good and which ones shouldn't quit fapping?
The page for ug.cybanworld.com is down or something at the moment. Just draws a blank page on chrome and an error on IE. Any word when this will be fixed?
That program doesn't work and I don't know what it is

Anyway, I agree it's important to have fun while first learning guitar. This might mean playing a song or riff you actually like. Not everyone enjoys practicing Smoke on the Water or House of the Rising Sun stuff over and over. While it is still really key to learn open chords though, there are metal/rock songs that are easy to play with just some sense of rhythm. I'd recommend both for and against dropped tuning, while 1 finger barre chords are easy and convenient to play - it'll be awkward to play EADGBe if your standard tuning chords aren't solid

Disturbed - Deify, Down With The Sickness, most riffs in Stricken. There are tons of easy disturbed songs a beginner can learn and they are fun

Slipknot - Before I Forget, if you ever played guitar hero this song is actually way easier on real guitar than in the game and it's easy to make it sound alright. And that's quite rare. The "solo is really easy as well as it's played on one string

Foo Fighters - Everlong, this one's good to know because it sounds great on both electric and acoustic

Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot, rhythm only - the chorus lead will be too hard

Those are some songs I could think of with more heavy distortion that are beginner material
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^I love Megadeth but their songs are generally pretty hard to play and way too fast for beginners. Main riff in Symphony of Destruction, well alright
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Did this thing ever get fixed or updated? I've been checking the old address but it seems to be down.
Newbie on ug
Just beginning my guitar journey at 49 years young
Any update is good as it builds on the experience of the past
Total noob on here, had a guitar for a couple years now but am just now seriously getting into it. How come so many links on the site say "forbidden link"? Is this "beginner program" gone?
Yeah, it's pretty dead and has been for a while. I'm not sure why the thread is still around any more to be honest.
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Quote by mattjackkk
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i dont think the submit a song should be on the home page i got confused when i first when on lol. I'd like an upgrade, its a nice progam(Invalid img)
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