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6/10 It was pretty pleasant to listen to and it climaxed nicely but I feel like the buildup was just way slower than it needed to be. I guess I expected more given Steven Wilson's hype. Still a pretty good song.

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Seventh might know this one...

Dude the one rule of this thread is if you want to post a song you rate the one before you so people actually listen to each other's recs.
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Video not available ?/10

This song from my favorite album of all time
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First two minutes or so were pretty boring, then it got better. 6/10

Song starts at about 1:25
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That definitely caught my interest, made me think of a Chopin that was born in South America, dramatic crystal clear piano.
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6/10 Pretty good, Idk why but the vocalist sounded like Corey Taylor lol
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I was digging the guitar solo and then I realized it sounds a lot like Never Enough by Dream Theater Other than that I found the song pretty boring overall, 5/10
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