Hey, I'm looking for a band, drummer, Singer, bassist from Around Plymouth/Canton/Livonia Area looking to do some kind of Prog metal with some blues feeling and something totally orignal around Plymouth/Canton/Livonia area that under the age of 18. I only have one song up if you wanna hear some
First post I see for Plymouth Canton :p and I'm 18 lolz.

I go to college though in Mt. Pleasent, only here on breaks, weekends occasionally, and summer.
Hmm. Well did you like my track? because if you didnt theres no reason to even think about it hahah
hey, i can bring for you drummer , my uncle's son play's drum . he has performed in his school and also he has performed live show . he is tremendous drummer. right now he is also looking a band , if you want that boy then tell me.

Livonia Locksmith
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