Seriously, these guys are incredibly underrated and should be given a chance by everyone on this forum. If you like Dream Theater, you will like it. If you like basically any form of prog, you'll like this band.

They can play their instruments incredibly well:

They can give their songs a bit of oomph when needed:

But they're not afraid to stick to their pop/prog roots.
yea, they are a great band, personally I like their first album better, because it sounds more proggy to me

funny thing to note is that this is one of many bands in England (others being Arena, Pendragon, Urbane, Kino, IQ, Jadis, Shadowland and at least ten more) that share at least one band member with at least two of the other mentioned bands.. its like "hey, can we borrow this guy for our tour here..." "yea sure, but well need him for the recording of our new album in the next month, and oh, I forgot to mention that I need you too in that other band for songwriting, so dont forget"
Sweet thats awesome. Thanks for the show!
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What the Grunge-haters think is just mindless musical nonsense, in reality is the restoration of the old rule of harmony to not write an entire song in one tonality/key
Dear Dead Days is a great song.
Just listened through the whole album (EIMA) the other day.
It is a good listen
I got a promo copy of Milliontown a few years back. Great album, I really dug "No Me No You"
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Jon Mitchell is an incredible guitarist(as seen in Arena, and It bites) and Jem is a wonderful song writer and keys player. Im currently addicted to dear dead days and black-light machine

Milliontown has to be one of my favorite prog albums.
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Dude, I am currently in love with Experiments In Mass Appeal. Favorite songs: Pocket Sun, Saline, Falling Down, You/I, and Wonderland.