I play a bit of slide guitar and was considering making a little holder for a slide that could be attached to my guitar so i could get the slide out and put it away easily during/inbetween songs.

I've got a pretty good idea in my head of what it will be like but if anyone has done this or seen it done then hopefully it will help me finalise the idea.

Johnny Hiland has some type of rubber slide holder on some of his guitars, and I heard he used to sell them on his website. I don't know how it's attached to the guitar.

There are several straps that come with slide holders on them, seems like it would not be too hard to add one to an existing strap either. And I've seen people stick them on top of a tuner, and in some songs you don't have to take it off your finger at all.
Couldnt you just put it in you pocket
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its called a finger
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its called a finger
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i agree with the magnet concept assuming you use a metal slide.

If you use glass or anything else, you could like drill a hole in the guitar the size of the slide and just sit it in there. maybe? can't think of much else right now.
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maybe try to find a plastic clip that fits nicely around the slide.

or something like a L hook, so you can slide the slide over the end. have it behind the headstock or something.
Steve Vai uses something that apparently works quite well. I can't figure out what it is just based on the "Bad Horsie" video though...

I superglued some velcro to the back of my headstock, and to the back of my slide (it's a plastic slide). It works pretty well.
a handy man tool pouch with a belt loop.
i slip my strap through the belt loop and keep it on the butt end of my guitar.
also, the angle that the strap goes into when you play makes the pouch stay upright, so it looks nice and neat.
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hoodie pockets work the best, if its a zip up hoodie.
I had same issue, wanting to put on take off my own slide whenever I wanted without any hassle.
I designed and patented a guitar slide holder to cure this problem
it is called a SlideFly
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