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Picked up Low today. I'm in dire need of owning the berlin trilogy and Scary Monsters....

also I'm Afraid Of Americans is sick.
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Love Bowie

Currently trying to figure out a Bowie medley...

Anyone got any suggestions of songs/order?

Would be a great help
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Bowie is the best!

One of the only artists that could change his sound completely and not feel forced/fake (well, until perhaps that late 80's/90's).

Still, he has is fair share of classic albums which definitley out weigh the bad!
I'm currently listening to the remastered version of Ziggy and itis great.
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Bowie is my single favorite artist of all time. And looking back through my life I have had alot of time to create that statement. I do think Ziggy is the single best album ever.

But as far as playing guitar - this site has alot of tabs
yeah they're mostly chords but some solos are in there.

I like some of the softer things like Letter To Hermione and After All for playing. Some other things are quite beautiful like Lady Grinning Soul, Word on a Wing. and I could go on. Bowie wasn't afraid to write romantic and beautiful songs. Something that is lacking in many of todays rockers who sound like they're trying to remove shards of bottles from their skulls while vomiting nyquil.
Mmn, a Bowie thread.
I'm really not very deep into his stuff as much as I'd like to be, I only really know his few most popular songs as well as the entire Aladdin Sane album.
What else would you guys recommend to give a listen?
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erm, bump...

Massively into Bowie, but favourite albums seem to change from day to day, sometimes its Hunky Dory, sometimes Scary Monsters, Sometimes Station to Station or Low. Today im going for Heroes, love the energy on that record.

There is still the odd gem on the 90s and 00s records but not as consistent. its weird that for a lot of younger people they know him as jareth the goblin king before they know him as ziggy

Also I have a David Bowie Colouring book and its rad
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Give me 10 classic albums that should be in my iTunes library?

Hunky Dory
Station To Staion
The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from mars
Scary Monsters
Aladdin Sane
Diamond Dogs
young americans
the man who sold the world
lets dance
space oddity

are what I consider the essential Bowie Albums, there is bound to be something in there you like as he has so many styles and influences
so there's a new bowie album coming in march after 10 years. fair to say its just a little exciting!
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