I've bought his first four albums, i.e. from Flux to Oceana and they're fantastic. Probably my most notable find of this year. Went to see him live this month also and I was hoping to hear his own stuff since I'd listened to Flux and Dust so much during the past year, but it was mostly just standards, which was understandable considering the nature of his tunes and him not playing with his regular trio. I guess coming from a metal background prevented me from really grasping that you shouldn't go to a jazz gig expecting them to play anything in particular. And I recently read an interview in which he said he's focusing more on standards and improv (?) these days, so that also explains it.

Anyway, if anyone can rec me somehting in the vein of this guy, do so. I've heard some names, but that hasn't helped. Albums please! I'm too lazy to go through discographies of music which hardly exists in the internetz.
^check out Adam Rogers - Apparations (a little more straightforward) and Chris Lightcap - Deluxe

I've been listening to him since my guitar professor suggested him. Some amazing stuff, but as good as his solo albums are, his work with other people (paul motian, maria schnieder orchestra) is just mind-blowing. I've been casually working on Orbits, and the right hand work alone is insane.
^Thanks, will have to check em out. I prefer his solo stuff, it's so wonderfully odd and outside sounding, like jazz from another realm or something... but I've only heard the smallest fraction of his work outside his trio/quartet (I mean he's played on a hundred albums surely). Marc Johnson's Right Brain Patrol is pretty amazing though.

Also woah, Orbits is one of my fave pieces, I can't really imagine being able to play it myself but I recently ordered his compositions book so I can at least give it a go someday, haha.