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Quote by Dude475
Schecter blackjack sls v7 for $685 shipped and ibanez rg8 for $250 shipped. I have references I can provide, and message for pics.

You got pics of the RG8? I'm seriously interested.
PM me when you can.
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everything works as it should, the mods tamed the treble and presence a bit., nothing to worry about just a couples of caps and resistors and a pot. if you want gut shots, i will provide. it is in decent shape, somebody did some black painting on it like tribal, but also racing stripes. its at half power now (two 6L6) and i like it batter than with four IMO. nice amp.


you can reach me at anderson0090 at or seven27-five threefour-seven901

let me know. iwil update with pics. will provide gut shots if needed.
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Just info
Price: $269.00
cartoon cowboy
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ladeez and gentlefolk!!
looking for a bit of knowledge and info, from my US bros and sisterz!!
saw a sweet lookin vintage electric in an antique kinda place, over here in scotland! thing is, I aint never heard of the make, and cant find anything about it!
that's all I got! no info anywhere on this machine!
the guy bought it on a trip to US/Canada, and it looks like a copy of a Gibson ES -175, and if I figure out how to add a picture, I will!
needs work done to bring it up to scratch, but I aint paying money for something that could be a dog!!!
so if anyone knows if this is a piece of crap, or worth spendin £150 ($240) on, then let me know!!
cheers ma brothers and sisters!!!
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I have a Boss MT-2 Pedal in Near Perfect condition barely been played asking 50$ Without shipping with shipping 60$ OBO
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FS: 2000 American Series Strat-- 3 tone sunburst finish
Like new 2000 American Series Strat-- beautiful 3 tone sunburst finish. No major wear and tear (one small dent on the back of the body)-- well maintained and ready for another good home. $650 or best offer. I can send detailed pics of anything you are interested in.

Stock setup:
Standard Molded Case
Controls:2 x Tone, Master Volume
Finish:3-Color Sunburst
Bridge:American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo
Fingerboard Material:Maple, Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius:9.5 inch (241mm)
Guitar Body Material:Alder
Headstock:Original Headstock Shape
Machine Heads Enclosure:Staggered
Neck Material:Maple
No of Strings:6
No. of Frets:22
Pickup Configuration:3 x Single-Coil
Pickup Switching:5 Position Blade - Bridge/Bridge and Middle/Middle/Middle and Neck / Neck
Pickup Type:3 American Strat® Single-Coil Pickups
Saddles Material:Stainless Steel
Scale Length (Inches) (Inches):25.5
Scale Length (mm) (mm):648
“Parchment” Knobs and Pickup Covers, Original Body Shape with “Original Contour Body” Decal on Headstock, Rolled Fingerboard Edges, H/S/H Pickup Routing
Width at Nut (Inches) (Inches):1.6875
Width at Nut (mm) (mm):43

*one small ding on the back of the body (about the size of a penny)
Pictures available here:
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Brand new, never used. I purchased this years ago and never got around to installing it. Looks like they are going for about $75 online-- I will take $70 or best offer.

Marketing "blah, blah, blah" below:

SEYMOUR DUNCAN SHR-1 Hot Rails High-output Bridge Humbucker in a Single-coil Sized Pickup for Strat-style Guitars - Black

High output single-coil-size "rails" humbucker. Great for classic rock, garage, punk, heavy rock, thrash, classic metal and nu-metal.

One of the highest output and most popular pickups Seymour makes. The two thin blades, strong ceramic magnet and powerful coil windings give you the incredible sustain and a fat, full sound that's needed for playing heavier rock music. This pickup responds to the subtlest finger movements. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable.
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Hi everyone,
Up for sale is an extremely rare WM526 Custom ONE OF A KIND. The guitar has no dings or scratches, the guitar has no heal joint and is completely smooth unlike the standard production models. It is also in a custom teal finish with the Wicked 6 Logo on it. The guitar plays and sounds great. Below are the specs. It includes the hard shell case, and bar. I am asking 2500.00 for it and I will pay for shipping. Price is non-negotiable and I am the original owner.

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sorry for thr caps in title, but i didnt wanna be bombarded with regular tiny terror replies. im looking for the handwired version with the leather bag offered a few years back. will only consider non-hw *WORKING* TTs if under $300 w/ shipping. thnx in advance!
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I'm selling my domain name. Thinking $500, but I'm open to offers, hit me up.
Nikki Z
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Wanting to sell my 2003 Stingray to purchase another Stingray with the color combination I've always wanted. I bought this in 2007, and it had been barely played then. I've played it over the years, but it never got the work my 5 string, did so it's sat in it's case most of its life. The neck feels great, and I've just treated it with the Birch-Casey Tru Oil, and Gunstock Wax. I've polished all the frets, and set everything up to Musicman spec.

There are 2 or 3 tiny little spots that may be able to capture (I only have and iPhone for a camera) if someone wants to see them. Also the case when I bought it had part of the outside warp, and I had to replace the handle. Again, if you want the pics I'll do my best.

$970 + Shipping and Insurance. $950 + Shipping and Ins. via money order.

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Looking to sell my Randall RM 100. It has an upgraded module with it. It currently comes with Plexi, XTC and Dzilla (jaded faith mods) modules. Everything is in great working order. The only reason that I am selling it is because I am moving. The amp is fairly heavy. Looking to get about $1000 for the amp, but I am willing to negotiate. I might consider a trade for the right guitar. Thanks! PM me for more details or pictures.
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Anyone got an Epiphone Les Paul with a flame top? (Preferably blue)
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I'm selling a Randall RD1 head only used about 3 hours. I'm asking $175 Shipped