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Mayones Setius M6 $1300
Taylor T5Z Pro Pacific Blue $2100
both guitars come with HS case and are in like new condition
I have both an electric and classical guitar for sale. I am selling these guitars because I need money for a new amp;
I currently own a Line 6 Spider IV so I shouldn't have to say anything else about that.

They are both in good condition although the electric has some nicks but plays overall really good and has active EMG Pickups (Zakk Wylde if I'm correct) that are great for metal! The acoustic will need a fret-board cleaning, but the body is in fantastic condition.
If you or anybody you know would be interested please visit my reverb page (I'll give the links) and make an offer.

P.S This Line 6 is killing me.

Amalio Burguet 3F

ESP LTD EX-50 (Active Zakk Wylde EMG PICKUPS)
Hello guys!

I hope multiple items thread won't be a big problem.

I'm gear maker and I build custom handmade guitar effects. Wide range of customisation, most of them are high quality copies of pedals available on the market such as ISP Decimator G-String (Catalyst) or classic Tube Screamer with MXR MC-401 booster (Ultra-Dist).

Prices starts at $70 for clean booster up to $200 for 5-loop programmable midi switch. If something is not listed but such effect exist on the market feel free to ask to build it. I'm able to build copies of most of analog classic stompboxes.

Feel free to ask and send your offers as well!
Anyone looking for a Xiphos XPT700.?
I'm considering selling mine, to fund further endeavors.
Guitar and case are as new. Still has film on all plastic covers.
Brand new strings and pro setup.
This guitar is 99% condition.
Minneapolis area pick up. No shipping as of yet.
Would like to get $500
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The SeymoreDuncanChannel "Duncan Designed Pickups are a low grade cheap import"  HaH HaH lol! That's right folks it's not just my opinion it's straight from the seymore duncan camp! Sorry for being such a shit but I was right!
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attilathehun I really don't give a flying fuck what other people think either. I sold my guitar to a very happy buyer. 

It was a really nice guitar congradulations!
Looking for a 7 string Schecter (stainless steel frets, Floyd Rose, passive Duncans) please let me know what you have. If yo have something similar but not a Schecter message me either way. Thanks.



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