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If you wired the switch to the volume pot rather than the output jack then it is entirely possible that the pot was damaged by excessive heat. You can try turning the pot to max volume and jumper the two lugs that aren't grounded and see if it gives full output again. That should tell you if the pot is to blame.
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Will try this and let you know how it goes thanks
Quote by Spykerwolf
It's silent until I press that button and then it works.
Any suggestions?

It is likely you are using a NC (Normally Closed) switch rather than a NO (Normally Open).
I've already got a guitar with a toggle killswitch that works fine, now i want to install a DPDT button killswitch that has the LED, im not sure if i've wired it right. I assumed it was the same as the toggle, one hot to the jack and the ground into the volume pot where I wired the other wire for the toggle switch. Maybe I've put the wires onto the incorrect lug on the button switch? It should be ground in the middle and the active wire at the top of the 3 pins yes?

Does have two killsiwtches cause problems either?
I'm trying to install a "dual killswitch" -- namely a button connected to a toggle. The toggle itself switches between sound-on and sound-off. When toggle is set to sound-on, pressing the button mutes the output. When the toggle is set to sound-off, pressing the button allows for sound output.

Depending on the position of the toggle, you can then press the button either to mute output or to send output through.

I know very little about wiring and electronics, and I'm hoping someone could kindly review the attached simplistic wiring diagram and let me know if it's correct, and if not, what I should be doing differently.

Many thanks.
The enclosure I ordered for my mini killswitch box came in the mail today and put this together. Works great and barely takes up any room on my pedal board.

Zyi What was your finding on the volume ?  I think I may have done the same thing, just want to make it's not the resistor I put on my switch.

worldofjohnboy If I remember correctly I think I fried the volume pot. I can't recall if I rewired anything when I tried replacing that, but I don't think I did. I think it was just the volume pot.
Zyi Well, crap for me...  I was worried about that as I used a new hotter soldering iron.  I'm getting a  500k pot and will use my older soldering pen that isn't as hot.