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Should I go for the Peavey 5105/6105 or Madison Divinity II/III (could anybody tell me the diference between the two - is the III just a newer model?)?

I play metal (mainly groove metal, tech death, melodic death and death metal with the odd bit of core here and there), looking for quite a dark, growling tone on the rhythm but a sharp, cleanish lead (not too muddy/overdriven)... leads kinda like Nevermore, Necrophagist, Lamb of God, Five Finger Death Punch etc, rhythm more Job for a Cowboy/BMTH-ish, maybe a bit less treble-y, darker, thicker and more chunky...

Thanks very much for any help
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What? Go with the Madison divinity all the way. You'll have all the gain you need with some semblance of a usable clean channel.
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I would say Madison buuuuut thier customer service people are so bastardly that i wouldnt want them to get any more buisness from anyone.

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I hear the Madison is based off of a Marshall TSL. Can anyone confirm that? And yeah, if thats the case, I would go with the Peavey, especially for the stuff youve said you want to play.
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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
are you a troll?

go with the tried and true 5150/6505

or play our game:

Genres? (check)
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play our game. havent tried the madison.
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Early Madison amplifiers had some serious quality control issues. They were made with a lot of overseas parts and assembled who-knows-where (they didn't list it on the back of the amp). I have heard that they have overcome their QC problems, but they have such a limited distribution that one hardly ever sees them for sale in shops. Without a lot more hands-on experience, it would be hard to recommend one.

I believe the Divinity III has an extra channel over the Divinity II, but I am not sure. It has been a while since I've come across a Madison amp.

The 5150/6505 series amplifiers are the standards for high-gain stuff, and they are tried and proven. Given the bands you've listed and the track record of the 5150/6505 amplifiers, I'd go with the Peavey.
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The Divinity and Divinity II are chinese-made clones of Marshall TSL's. STAY FAR AWAY!!!!!

Go with the 5150.
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I'd go for the 5150. I know a few guys who really like the Madisons, but there's not many, most people just aren't willing to take a chance on them.

Here's a recording I did of my old band. The tracks are raw (no editing yet), left is a Peavey 5150 II (very similar to the 5150, just a bit more smooth), the right is a Peavey Ultra 120

Should give you a decent idea of what it sounds like.


Here's just the 5150 II, left side impulse, right side miced:

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Ok, thanks... and sorry, I'm new here, but I suppose that's not really an excuse.

Money's no issue (I am now in a position where I can base my choice on quality alone - so preferably a new amp), but that's not been the case up until recently... for the last 7ish years, I've been playing through a crappy Line 6 Spider, and before that a battered old Marshall... I'm also looking to purchase a new guitar. For the moment, it would be for home/band, but hopefully after I've got all the new eq we'll be recording etc. and giging...

That said, I'm definitely veering away from the Madison due to all the hate out there (and them just being a rip-off of the TSL). However, I realise there are also a variety of other amps that might fit the bill, namely Mesa's and ENGL's (I'm really not a huge Marshall fan - blame it on past experience). How would the Peavey compare to these?
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I know you arent a huge marshall fan, but Peavey 5150's are made to rival them, and inherently, mesas and other high-gain amps that sound similiar. 5150's are notorious for being tanks and having extremely high durability. As far as sound goes, some people call the 5150 their favorite amp. A lot of professional musicians still use them for recording and concerts. It's all about your taste and what type of sound you're looking for. I'm just telling you that there are people out there who believe that it is one of the best high-gain amps created, so that must mean something. Ultimately though its up for your ears to decide.

With all that said.... PM me if you're interested in buying my 5150, lol. Seriously though, do some research, go to guitar center and try out a bunch of amps, and see what you think.
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Tell me one amplifier that doesn't have parts from other countries? Peavey has parts from other countries and even made in other countries! Many amp companies have issues when they are new but the internet wasn't around in the 80's when they had issues. You try making an amp and tell me you'll never have issues and that every part will be made in the states.
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Quote by nec2
Tell me one amplifier that doesn't have parts from other countries? Peavey has parts from other countries and even made in other countries! Many amp companies have issues when they are new but the internet wasn't around in the 80's when they had issues. You try making an amp and tell me you'll never have issues and that every part will be made in the states.

Serious question, are you ****ing retarded?
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Necro bump.

I just don't understand how someone can necro bump such an old thread. Do they search some stupid topic and find something to argue?
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