Here's my band's first demo! I'd be grateful to hear some opinions!

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Returning the crit

Memory lane - Amazing song, really enjoyed it all the way thru and especially the solo.

Melancholia - The intro is abit boring but the rest of the song is nice, i really like how you use the heavy riffs before/during solo when the rest of the song is more softer/relaxing.

Vivid - The intro could be better again, the rest is good.

Överlag riktigt bra iallafall!
Dude what can I say, Melody Lane is a wonderful song. It's amazing, one of the best songs I've heard in a LOOOOOONNNG time, I just got to the solo, OH MY GOD! very very nicely done. I'm loving this, when you guys releases your album I will definitely be buying it! Consider me a fan

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Really great job there, not so fond of the second song the way he says some of the words annoys me for some reason haha, but the rest were great great great!

Did you record this yourselves or in a studio?

The melodies were pretty original and the solos were pretty good, may not be the most original concept I've ever heard of but who am I to say that, good job guys.

Crit mine?