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Also, I'm sure some people still have some scans of the ttng tabs but if they don't there are still a couple of pretty accurate tabs uploaded on here.
Wow man, amazing playing! I'm definitely gonna learn those parts next week when I'm getting a capo. Thanks for responding. I just started experimenting with this tuning yesterday and it sounds so good. It's a bit hard for me though because I've never really learned theory, but it's awesome to jam around and find some great melodies.
Hahaha word. But I gotcha, open tunings can be a little tricky at first until you learn how to build progressions around the open strings (then they get really easy, haha). Standard is way more fun/useful in general though, it allows you to play way more specific inversions most of the time.

Another one that I used to play in all the time was EAEAC#E (or A major) lol. It was pretty fun to mess in, you should try it out sometime lol.
Well yeah, of course I couldn't just stop using standard forever. Right now I'm super psyched to learn stuff in this style because it's so much different than anything I've ever played (been playing for 5 years, mostly metalcore, so you must understand how I feel about his haha).
I really do understand haha, considering that i've only played a little more than a year than you and came from a metalcore background, hahaha.

Anyways, if you want to start figuring out some of your own stuff for this style i'd recommend you look into learning a bunch of major/major sevenths, suspended 2's and 4's, add9, and minor ninths inversions (of course there are others as well). Those are some pretty common chords used in this type of stuff.
Okay so I got my capo and I started learning stuff from your video. Very nice, sounds great.