straight to the point: just wondering what you guys can say about my band's music.

here's a link:


to summarize, the quality isn't awful. but the performance is lil lazy and my focus is mostly for my lyrics and having not too bad melodies. i'm gonna work on full band stuff soon so i'll have more listenable style/sound.


i'll return the favor if you'd like.

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hey sam, thanks for the insights, much appreciated...and as deserved, my comments in return, lol.

Your tracks have a very soothing, mellow vibe about them. Kinda makes me think of a modern Neil Young in his ability for a 1 man performance. If you have never heard Neil Young live at Massey Hall in 1971 I highly recomend checking it out.


But back to you...
I'm really digging the lyrics, it's always nice to have something with a little bit of depth.

"Looking for a new god", "take the brains out of your head and replace it with your heart", lol. Only in a perfect world, hah. An expression of self is what art is about and I really believe it in you. Nicely done.

The music is simple yet effective, in this case less is truly more.

Nice job.
damn I like your style, real chill and together

gotnoguts was almost hypnotic, with the whispering vocals and echo. the beat in the background was sick as well

I would always look back could be in a movie, like on the soundtrack. it fits that somber sleep emotional state perfectly.

this song makes me want to sleep forever was nice as well, it had this feel on anticipation that made me want to keep listening.

Keep up the great work, everything sounds amazing :]
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i really enjoyed this.
You have a really chill kinda laid back feel to your music....
Some cant pull that off that well.....but i felt you aced it.
Lyrics were pretty good....i can tell you spent time and put meaning into them.

As for criticism the only thing i really had wrong with it was that the vocals felt monotonous at times to me......
but other than that it was good
hey sam , i check your link and i want just say you and your band just awesome, music is smooth and nice also lyrics is good according to me, so don't worry you should just focus in your band and performance and gud luck for your band

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