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It's solid and great to listen to, it just doesn't seem to beg to be relistened to all that much. I'm waiting for a more fitting mood to go through it again.
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I'm seeing them this summer.

I think we might have one of the greatest promoters in the emo scene right now. This summer, he's gotten Dowsing/Brave Bird, Algernon, Daylight and Xerxes/E!E! and we're gonna get Prawn, Citizen, Algernon/Joyce Manor, Prawn, WWS/Beau Navire, and a bunch that I'm forgetting. It's super hard to get bands across the border.
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My friend that runs the local hardcore venue is landing all kinds of bands like those.

I'm currently doing everything in my power to land the Pianos/Loma show.

For obvious reasons.
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I liked False Institutions more too, I could listen to Nightmares and Thousand Grains of Sand over and over till I die.

Their full length was good, but I didn't like the vocals as much. The new song sounds much better IMO, and I'm really looking forward to this release.
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I didn't know they were releasing stuff this year. I love the full length.
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Quote by jetfuel495
How's their full length? I have False Institutions and I love it.

I thought False Institutions had a decent amount of swag but I couldn't get into their full length.
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From what i have heard so far i am liking this band alot. False institutions is not available to listen on amazon. Does anyone know anywhere i can get any of their music? PM me any links please!
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Anyone got a link to 'Ships'?

(one that isn't a .RAR file)
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I love Prawn! I only listened to them because I got one of their stickers from topshelf, but I'm glad I did.

I would also like a link to Ships.

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Well they don't hide their influences one bit...I like it though.
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