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just wondering if you had any luck getting this song tabbed? I've found a cover version on you tube of chris carraba playing the song that shows the fingering really well
it's not capo'd but I think cory capo's at the 7th fret. chris and cory toured together so I'm pretty sure he plays it the same way just without the capo. he has got more videos on youtube of him playing this song than cory does wich is a shame in my opinion
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Here is a version of the song...
To me if the chords aare correct I am sure that the finger picking is based on those...
So to me tAke the chords and once you have the finger picking style down that's it....
I have not played this version to the song since I don't have my guitar with me but I am sure that you can do something with this....
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I was just trying to figure out this bastard of a song, gave up decided to look it up, and this shit was all I got. Nobody else can figure it out either. Hell.

Well, I capo 7 and move around the C, a bunch, something like, C, G, D/F#, G, on this verse, and, C, G, C, G, D/F#, G.
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