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Bought this BC Rich fairly cheaply of Ebay, knowing it needed some work.......

Says Platinum series on the headstock but evidently wasn't, after a bit of Googling it looks like it's from the 80's made under licence by Class Axe.
Further inspection revealed the headstock warped with damage to the top point, the fretboard has come away in the past and been badly glued back on and the nut's broken.

Regluing the fretboard was not something I fancied doing so just sanded down the sides so it at least lined up with the neck, and did the same to the top edge of the headstock to restore a tip to a point.
Took the paint off the body and repaired the damage to the body, rebuilt the lower horns with car body filler...

Also did away with the tone knob to give it a cleaner look.
Then added some paint.....

Photo's don't capture the colour very well, it's Kawasaki Green.
Replaced the original pickups and added diamond fret markers.
Doesn't play too badly considering the state the neck is in but it'll probably end up as wall art.
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Started life as a cheap(ish) purple P-Bass and I've sanded it down, re-sprayed it and upgraded/replaced some of the hardware. Plays great! (pictured below with my current rig)

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with
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I'm starting to wet sand my old austin's body and put a new finish on the frets, but man i'm nervous. Really don't want to mess this up.
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My first guitar project, it is a low spec strat copy with plywood construction body. Yes it is a cheap guitar, but it is very comfortable to play...straight neck, low action and light weight. hopefully it is a good idea for upgrading...
What i have done on it:

1. enlarge the neck pickup cavity to fit humbucker
2. change the body color from green to red
3. shield the pickup cavity to reduce noise
4. replace the SSS pickguard with HH type
5. replace the pickups with EMG HZH1.

Although it is not a solid wood body...the passive EMG sounds great than expected.
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A few pictures from my recent Les Paul build with the trusty Wilkinson humbucker pickups and locking machine heads I have used on past builds.

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So for my fourteenth birthday [what, like, last January] [yes, I'm fourteen right now, Mar. 31, 2014, ready to accept hates] I decided to build my own guitar, just as how my sister built her own bass. Her bass was named Amberhart Dreamstarter so I [sort of] made Amberhart as the guitar name itself. I am [sort of, as well, but this one's too sentimental] planning to sell the next ones we make, provided that school doesn't stop us.

The neck is made from some wood which I never really bothered to remember. Since I was careless with the handsaw, it turned into a Telecaster neck for the Strat-like body [is this blasphemous?] and I based the inlays of the neck from my sister's bass with a few adjustments and extras.

The machine heads were from a cheap guitar store somewhere near our school, and I had to cut it a bit to make it fit my awkward, 2mm too large holes on the head + superglue to keep the rings intact. When I put it together, however, the strings wouldn't stop buzzing so my dad tried a trick he used to do for our violins, adding some aluminum under the strings at the nut to raise them. I felt horrible for the look of aluminum foil sticking out so I brought out chisels and chiseled off a part of the pickguard and some deeper gouging for the neck to make it stick to the body. It worked, but not until some extreme raising to the bridge as well. When I heard of a floating tremolo, I thought it was a bridge without springs at the back. Turns out it wasn't - problem? The bridge I got had springs with it but no claw, so I had to handsaw a claw from some metal I found in the storage room.

Chopped the body with a handsaw from a cherry [don't hate, it's the nearest one in the yard]. Asked some cousin's friend's friend to rout it, and fortunately he made it an S S H but alas, I was too lazy to cut the holes for the humbuckers on the pickguard. I canvassed the local shops if they had the overdrive DiMarzio singlecoils with no luck [hell, I've been through almost every guitar shop in Manila and still can't find any].

Before I finished this [just today] we did some cleaning [few weeks ago] and found some old CPUs and their precious hard-drives, which I took apart and found them quite steampunk. THERE I SAID THE WORD. STEAMPUNK, THAT'S THE THEME. I carved away depressions and holes to expose the inner 'engine' of the guitar, and to add a reactor [it's a $20.99 clip-on tesla plate, sue me] which I haven't figured out how to turn on without removing the soon-to-be-brass plate at the back. There's a seemingly-immortal clock near the upper strap-lock with extra brass piping, chemical tubes [they're fuses, actually] and some screws. Along with those is a hygro/thermometer which I realized is somewhat handy.

Here comes the pickguard and its story: It's a prewired pickguard from a local guitar store [got it for $19.00, + $5.00 for the bridge and whammy bar] and I carved it to look somewhat like a wing-thing, then the claw-like holes with a drill and a really hot 2mm tube file. The horrible thing in the middle? It's a melted pickup. I was experimenting on the pickup covers by pouring melted rosin [for a violin bow, it's smelly when melted but it looks cool when you have a mold for it] but made a mistake by trying to melt it off the middle pickup cover. The middle pickup cover was different from the other two, which made me want an SHH [see top]. I reheated it once again and eventually hammering it into the pickup, making it mold onto it. Once it was almost there I did the stupid: put the pickup and cover over flame. I thought I screwed it up but after the rewiring... [suspense!]

What really makes this sentimental to me is the fact that I worked on it starting March 21, 2014, did some hiatus for the whole April, and I managed to finish it May 31, 40 days of work, almost 85% handmade and I am actually trying to make a custom, 2-guitar case for this custom guitar.

By the way, the melted pickup? It [miraculously] got distorted. I know many of you may call it b.s, but it honestly got distorted. Just the distortion I need for the upcoming music club auditions. Seriously though, I'm not sure if it's the weird solder I made to rewire it, or really the heating of the pickup, but UG guys, please, don't burn your pickups. [Yeah, yeah, I checked the amp and I'm pretty sure the gain is really low, boost off, and purely volume.]

Sorry for the long story, here's what I made: Amberhart Heartwaker.

This is the clock [wristwatch, covered with a pocket watch's cover]

I actually feel like selling it, but I have no idea about the price.
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Is there a way to know what resistance do my pots have if without using a multimeter?

In terms of resistance, concentric pots are calculated as two seperate ones or as two combined in series/parallel?
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Hi there, I just finished rewiring and restyling my trusty Yamaha Pacifica 112.
I've put in a Seymour Duncan Little '59 years ago because I wanted a neck humbucker tone. Later I did some minor modifications like changing the knobs, changing the saddles for stringsavers. I added a coil tap switch and I also realized that the cheap bridge humbucker had only two hookup wires. Also the pickguard changed its color over the time.
Ever since I've bought a good Ibanez RG, I decided to completely rewire the Pacifica with a superwitch and change the brindge humbucker. It is now a Seymour Duncan SH-14 ("Custom 5") It's a shame that you don't find much about this PU in the internet, because it sounds amazing. The Output is enough to play heavy stuff, but this is definitely not a sledgehammer, it works quite well with the lil'59 in the neck position. The sound is - to my ears - somewhere between a classic PAF and a total-modern humbucker. You can pull off lovely rock sounds while not getting the Metal sawmill. And when adding a lot of gain for some extreme metal stuff (I like that sh#t), you will love the great clarity and punch of this PU. The bass is rich and tight enough for low tunings, it does not get muddy. The mids are scooped a little, the highs bite just well with gain but much more comfortable - especially in an alder strat like this - than the SH-5 "custom" which has quite shrill highs.
The middle single coil is the stock one, it doesn't sound bad.
The switching positions are:
1 - neck full humbucker
2 - neck inner coil + middle in parallel (hum cancelling)
3 - middle
4 - neck inner coil + bridge inner coil in parallel (hum cancelling)
5 - bridge full humbucker
One thing about the neck + bridge combined, to save you from the frustration I first had: The little '59 and fullsize humbucker, both by SD have opposite winding directions. The little '59 is also backwards (black + white: outer coil) So when you connect them for auto-splitting as normal, there is no hum cancelling. Then when just completely reversing one HB to get the other coil when split: the coils are out of phase! I don't know why SD is doing this. To fix this, I had to connect the neck lil'59 as normal but reversed (black: ground, white + red: serial link[grounded in split mode], green: hot) and the bridge HB like this: white: hot, black + green: serial link[grounded in split mode], red: ground.
Now that I do all the coil splitting with the superwitch, I had a switch left and a hole in the pickguard for something else, so I turned it into a direct-out switch to bypass the pots.
The no more white pickguard is now covered in adhesive foil. This worked very well with a hairdryer to heat the foil and make it more flexible, and patience. I am very pleased with the result and this will be much more durable than paint, and is much easier to do.

This is the guitar now: (click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Wiring madness:

Wiring diagram (pots + direct out switch not included):
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Absolutely loving folks modded guitars! I thought I'd share mine too...

First one is a Fender Modern Player Marauder.
Looked like this originally:

I changed the trem block to a more substantial Mexican strat one, put on Gotoh locking tuners, swapped out the Fender Triplebucker for a Seymour Duncan P-Rails and went white with the knobs, pup cover and tips.

This is it now...

As I had the triplebucker hanging around I thought I'd put it in my Hofner shorty.

I've changed the tone control to a blend knob to give me one rail, humbucker and a single coil and the humbucker on its own. I also replaced the scratchplate with a pearloid one along with the pickup ring.
Sounds and looks pretty cool now...

Finally: I bought an old 80s Gibson Marauder copy from Ebay. Fairly bashed up. Looked a bit like this originally (minus the headstock logo and with a really bad plastic-saddled tune-o-matic instead of the harmonica harmonica bridge.)

This has had loads of work. I replaced the bridge pup (very weedy) with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails and put in a coil split toggle. It has also had new Sperzel tuners, and a lime green paint job. I topped it all off with a custom-made pearloid scratchplate and a Bigsby copy. I put some vinyl over the neck pup to make it blend in with the overall look.

Here it is now... Love the sounds I get from it too!

hope you enjoy looking as much as I do playing!

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yo, going to take a dive into customization and Im looking into doing a re-paint(Colour change actually) on my ESP. I work at an autobody shop and I'm wondering whether anyone else has tried using automotive paint and automotive clearcoat on a guitar? If it comes up remotely close to the finish I get on a car I think it'll look pretty tight. I'll most likely begin the project next month but I'm looking to see if anybody else has had any experience with this type of paint adhering to wood? Trying

On a side note. I might do a small stencil work or a solid stripe along the whole side of the guitar. Any suggestions on whether to free hand it with a cardboard kind of cut out or possibly use masking tape guides.
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I've done a lot the last few years as I made money doing it, these are some of my favorites including one my friend who is an evertune bridge installer did.

no idea why photobucket is being a problem but yeah it's all direct links.
(Invalid img)

I have a few more on my profile but these two were inpressive i love the carved warlck gray van kilenburg (probably spelled wrong) did and this other warlock is too metal for even me.

courtosy of shitplank guitars on facebook
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Allright, here's my project:

As with literally every next guitar player out there, I started out playing on a Strat copy. I retired it long back but for certain reasons other than that of tone and playability, I wanted to keep the guitar up for display.

Before (1):

Before (2):

But it started developing cracks in the paint. I figured instead of just letting moisture get the better of it, why not mod it. Well, technically I did mod it once before but that was a simple pickguard change.

So, I thought about the options. I had nowhere enough time and experience to give it a clean, quality paint job but I still wanted it to be something to gaze at. I thought about just filling in the cracks and letting the guitar be. Eventually I got inspired to strip the paint and give it a natural finish.

That process was nothing special: Find the appropriate chemicals (Well this was kinda annoying), get rid of the paint, sand it down and polish. I used some simple wood polish my local carpenter had. I didn't need a durable coating since I am never going to take this guitar out of my home. The finish isn't entirely matte and it gives it a unique feel.

When it came to the pickguard, I experimented with some ideas until i finally settled on wrapping it with a faux carbon-fiber wrap. Cut out a piece for the headstock to match. Might make a custom logo in white for the headstock in the future.

This pic doesn't have strings on but it's completed in all other aspects.


I absolutely love how it's turned out!
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work in progress

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This is a Ibanez swamp ash RG with a modified Jackson reverse headstock neck hybrid project that I have been working on:

(Invalid img)

The pickups are temporary to check wiring.


2002 MIJ Jackson DKMG reverse headstock neck w/piranha tooth inlays. Modified to fit Ibanez AANJ neck joint. Neck heel contoured to match. Neck was purchased in excellent condition.

Swamp ash RG body, custom cut by Mai-Guitar for Ibanez Edge/Edge Low-Pro, with Jem-style recessed output jack. Finished with gunstock oil. I wanted a matte finish.
I may consider a re-finish, but I like the bland woodiness of it. I think the gold hardware accents it nicely without being too flashy.

Hardware color scheme is gold with black accents.

Intend to purchase:
An Ibanez Edge or Edge Low-Pro from Ibanez Rules in near future.
A Tremel-No.
A Seymour Duncan TB-6 Distortion with gold poles for the bridge.
A DiMarzio with gold poles for the neck. Perhaps a Mo' Joe.
Pickup choices may change.

Parts installed:
Gotoh tuners.
Carvin R3 locking nut.
Carvin flush mount output jack.
Schaller (Stewmac) Megaswitch-E selector switch.
CTS 500k pots.
Orange Drop .022 uF capacitor.
Compartments shielded with copper tape.
Grover quick-release strap locks.
Neck ferrules, screws, strap button washers and knobs from Stewmac.

This project was intended to incorporate all of the preferences from all of the guitars I have owned throughout the years.
I jokingly refer to this as my prototype "signature" guitar.

NOTE: Images didn't post as expected because I'm a noob. Images are small, but I'll add better ones when the guitar is more complete.
Shade - Front - Full - Small.jpg
Shade - Rear - Full - Small.jpg
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Quote by icanhasgodmode
work in progress

Current WIP of my strat refinish(OK, so the body developed a really big split and this is a replacement, but what the hell, it was going to look tasteless AF, and this just means more of the awful will show.
It's 'ready' for clear coating. Not really aiming for a 'shop quality' finish, because I'm a rank amateur, and again, this is supposed to be the 80's-est guitar possible.
OK, the flash washed out some of the colour, and I didn't secure the stencil very well, but it 'adds character'.
Well, that's my line, and I'm sticking to it.

FYI, it's fluorescent orange on pink.
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looks like an omelette, nice job
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looks like an omelette, nice job

Once I've got the pickups and stuff wired in, I'll give it a set up, and then restring it with DR neons.

Eyes will bleed.
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First time posting on here but i really wanted to share my project...started off with a black squier strat, painted it purple with a green "X." This is the first time I've repainted a guitar, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results
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Quote by slapsymcdougal
Once I've got the pickups and stuff wired in, I'll give it a set up, and then restring it with DR neons.

Eyes will bleed.

Quoting myself, I know, but did a quick dry run assembly. It intonates, and there's not any noticeable fret buzz.

So, place your bets. How many times will I burn myself with the soldering iron before I finish(this could mean either I get it working, or take it to a tech to do the wiring).
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Quote by pengwin8r
First time posting on here but i really wanted to share my project...started off with a black squier strat, painted it purple with a green "X." This is the first time I've repainted a guitar, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results

Nothing beats a purple guitar, nice job
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All done

"Shell pink" (read: Barbie pink) custom routed alder strat body from Rockaudio
Maple/maple neck from Allparts

Vintage white pickguard from Rockaudio
Tom Anderson H2+ humbucker
Emerson Pro CTS Pot, 500k

Switchcraft output jack
Hipshot hardtail bridge
Gotoh Mini 510 locking tuners
Dunlop SLS1501 straplocks
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You can tell if it's eager, because you put your hand down her pants and it feels like a horse eating oats.

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Hey guys, first post on here. There are some awesome looking guitars in this thread!

I'm going to post my homemade guitar. I cut the body out, having designed the shape. It was my first attempt at this and I started it many years ago - since then it has gone through several neck changes, pickup configuration changes and even hardware swapping/alterations. Not to mention the countless times I re-wired it as my soldering skills improved and I saw how horrible a job my last attempt was haha

OK so I reached this stage writing out this post and now have no idea how to post pictures, so for now I will leave you with this, the guitar building blog I am documenting the build process on:

Hope you enjoy the blog, I'm updating it slowly with the step-by-step guide and there are several more updates to go before it's done. There are a lot more guitar projects going to be uploaded as well, as this has become a hobby/obsession of mine!

In the mean time, I'm going to try and figure out how to attach pictures!

Enjoy the blog
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Yo guys,
I have bought the body of a Stratocaster Mighty Mite and was just wondering whether I could put one humbucker and two pickups in it. This is the first time assembling a guitar so sorry if this seems a bit blunt. Would really appreciate any feedback and also any suggestions would be helpful. Here is a picture of the body.
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I would like to show you my work with some beauty semi hollow body.

Guitar was fund somewhere in garage. Nobody use it about 30 years. Guitar was in really bad condition. I removed old lacquer, some part of destroyed binding. I repainted sunburst and protected it hi gloss lacquer. I removed old frets, grind a fingerboard, got new radius and install new frets. If you have some question just write me a message.

defil przed2.jpeg
defil po.jpeg
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This is Ice. All-mahogany Explorer loaded with the Lundgren M6 calibrated set.

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heres a pic of my orange carvin DC700, although i never built the guitar it was custom made for me when i ordered it. the color is a 1 off custom color.
the amp however is the peavey valveking 112 50 watt combo amp, i put inside a 2x12 cab, and got a cool speaker cover made. i also installed 2 12" celestion G12 vintage 30 speakers i got. also applied new tolex on the cab. its set up so it can be used with the built in peavey amp or as a cab for any head i want.
Very Orange CARVIN DC 700
PRS SE Custom - crunch lab&PAF pro
Ibanez GRX40 - modified
Peavey Valveking 112 w/ 2x12 cab

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