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Full of Hell sucks though.

I don't think they suck, they're just not one my first choice to listen to.

Either way, it's going to be fun as hell at that show.
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They're certainly better than Code Orange Kids.

I'm an asshole.
I really love this split with Tiny Empires. No Mask is a great song, and Tiny Empire's half of the split slays.
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Hey does anyone have a good (high quality) picture of the Self Titled black and white vinyl cover, the one that's not the orange one with Tigers Jaw written over top? Im trying to get a better picture for my tattoo. Alternatively, does anyone own that vinyl and can take a good picture for me?

Also, really really liked that new song that was posted on the last page
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I can take a picture of mine tomorrow, should be able to google it though

Having a hard time finding any decent pic of the black and white one for some reason. Id appreciate it if you could do that for me man.
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Having a hard time finding any decent pic of the black and white one for some reason. Id appreciate it if you could do that for me man.

This took me forever, sorry.

Both of you have really nice voices and I'm jealous.

(related: I don't know if I've said before, but Best Kept Secret is really good. Even if the songs are kinda long )

Thank you, she doesn't think our voices work well together I think it sounds pretty good, wish she sang in more parts

And yeah, I'm going to try to bust out another BKS album over break that will hopefully sound like my old but more precise and less drawn out.
I didn't know these guys had a thread on UG. One of my favorite bands of all time.

Saw them for the first time in some Quaker school barn in the middle of Shartsville, PA or something n number of years ago where everyone was playing $1 games of Cee-Lo between bands. Amazing band.
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I thought for sure Tigers Jaw was bigger than The Menzingers. I would kill to go to that show, been meaning to see Menzingers headline.
So did I actually. Kinda convenient for me though, cause it means I wont be missing any of Tigers Jaw's set to get the last train home.

I've never listened to The Menzingers, I've heard pretty mixed reviews of them but I guess I'll check them out. I'm far too exited to finally see Tigers Jaw!

Listen to "On The Impossible Past" it was almost my AOTY last year.
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Listen to "On The Impossible Past" it was almost my AOTY last year.

I can't find a link. If you could send me one that would be cool, if not I'll listen on YouTube.

Hot damn, although the poster looks far too like that 'Architects' album. ALSO I'd hate to seen them at Hevy with all the posi hardcore kids.
Did they ever record that album? Be good if they released whatever they had left if they're done.
Damn. I expected it sooner or later cuz they're young but still sad.
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Never been this bummed about a band calling it quits. It's a shame, I thought all their new songs they put out were streets ahead of all their older material.
"streets ahead"

I am really sad about this. At least I'll get to see them live once, just a shame it won't be with the full line up.
This is the first time I've really been upset about a band splitting (well, kinda splitting) so this sucks.

Right when I started listening to Snowing they broke up too. I need to stop listening to bands or something
My bassist just showed me this band last week, shame they just broke up. Very well written, succinct, catchy but sincere emo. The twin vocals entwine beautifully. I've only listened to a few songs off their self titled so far, but I think I'll be listening to that album a lot in the near future lol

"I Saw Water" is a heartbreaking song. For some reason they remind me of the Cure a bit.