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i didn't mean it in a bad way! just your accent/vocal patterns remind me of the guy from SM. the music definitely has a lot more going on, though.

i'm definitely a fan of the second to last song. is this a solo project like BKS, or do you have a band?

I'm putting a band together for this. It probably won't be active until I'm back at school in the fall. But, ideally I won't have to play anything and I'll just front it. That means whatever we do next is going to sound a lot different musically

I might have new stuff out for this and BKS before Fall though.

I can see what you mean with the Single Mothers thing especially "Don't You Ever Let It Go"
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We're looking for opinions on something. Combining the emo side of this forum with hardcore and pop punk with punk and indie.

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Don't really care, Those are basically the only forums I go into. But I can imagine some having an issue with that.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
I will back emo being integrated with hardcore as long as the subforum is titled the 'Galactic Empire'.
I saw them on Saturday, the girl is no longer in the band but she got on stage to sing one song.

They're all really nice people though, they let me and a buddy crash at their apartment for the night.
Haven't posted around here in a while. Figured I'd share my latest two scores: