as the title says really, im looking for a Jackson soloist or a ESP standard/LTD horizon.

or something like them, no ibanez though.

what ya got?

cheers james
I have an LTD H-201. It's an old discontinued horizon, no where near the quality of an ESP but still a pretty lovely geetar. Interested?
Hey I saw your post here. I have an esp Ltd elite horizon 3 fr for sale right now. It's right next to custom shop quality and barely played! Near mint! It's a real beauty! If you wanna look check it out here's the eBay link


Please message me when you get this if you're interested or not I love to get feedback. Oh and I might be willing to negotiate the price if you get back to me before Wednesday. I'll also give you any pics you want. I just really need to sell this baby for my next upgrade. Thanks a ton!