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I love the Beach Boys. My favorite song is surfin USA. I went to a concert a few years back and they were so awsome.

Awesome song...
i listened to love you today, wtf yo?

i love how drugged out and creepy it is. "johnny carson" is a masterpiece.
the only albums i love are today!, pet sounds, and the smile sessions. all the other good ones are only interesting to me as biographical documents, you know.
I still love the vibes from their "sunny summer" pieces like I Can Hear Music, Surfer Girl, Catch a Wave, etc. I lost interest when that stupid Bruce Johnston came in (he was about as "beachy" as a mortician) and they started playing all this stupid "plonk, plonk, plonk" stuff trying to be Beatles copycats.
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The Beach Boys are awesome. I got their greatest hits album on iTunes for like $8. It was fun hearing those classic vibes again.
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