Hey, I'm Max Warwick from Besegra. We just recently finished recording in Quebec with the great Bart Frydrychowicz (Quo Vadis). While we have Clintworks working on mixing/mastering and Ken Sarafin working on album artwork, you can check out some of our rough preproduction recordings recorded at the homes of Trevor Gehl and Brennan Ferrar.

Listen to them here! And keep updated on our goings ons.

BESEGRA (Facebook)

BESEGRA (Reverb Nation)

BESEGRA (Official Website)

Check out the new official Besegra website!

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Reminds me of Lamb of God. It's allright but a bit too metalcore-ish for my taste. The vocals are a tad annoying too, could use some refining. Just my 2 cents.
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As much as I disliked the "production" ( ), I guess the material was alright but it's more metalcore than death metal or progressive metal... Also clean vocals definitely need a lot of work, but I guess you can just auto-tune it when you're doing the studio version.

One question, where'd you get the name from? Because besegra means "to defeat" in Swedish. Since you're Canadian I became a bit curious.
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We got the name Besegra exactly that way. We wanted something that obviously had a good sound to it, but had a purpose. Besegra is short, simple, sounds pretty rad, and yes, means "to defeat" or "to conquer". We don't really have a hardcore influence in our songs though, which is odd for the metalcore comment. I suppose "Dementia of the Dying" has what could be considered a Lamb of God-esque breakdown.. But nothing else really strikes me as hardcore (or metalcore) influenced.

Thanks for the comments and critiques though guys, they're always appreciated!
Different tracks now up. Our songs "Asylum", "This Is What Killers Are Made Of", and "Mandatory Suicide" (Slayer cover) are up as well as Division still. I know the recordings aren't much, but they're just demos to have for now until our studio recordings are done
SO, we're co-headlining with the band DIVINITY, who were featured on the Summer Slaughter Tour with Dying Fetus and other powerhouse metal acts. This is the final metal show for this venue that has been Brantford's growing point in the music scene. If you or any of your friends are close enough to make it out, try to!

Location: The Ford Plant (1 King St.)
Price: $10 Advanced Tickets, $12 Door Price.
Time: Doors @ 6:00 P.M.
Bands Playing:
Darkness Rites
Against Ra

Going to be a badass show!
I'm listening to Divisions right now, and I like it for the most part, but the vocals could use a bit of refining like the other guy above stated.
Nice instruments though, and good quality, considering the circumstances.
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Thanks man! I have worked on my vocals quite a bit since these recordings, and they sound wicked on the studio album, especially with not having to go through a shitty practice amp hahah. We have a few songs mixed and mastered now, but there's still quite a few to be done (9 tracks total on the cd). I'll update this thread once we release some new tracks.

Also, if you're in the area of Brantford tonight, we're playing a show at Club NV tonight. 234 colbourne st., $10, doors at 6:30, bands at 7:00.
Hey, just had a listen, I'm especially liking, "Divisions"! I think what you have got is good, the recording quality isn't the greatest though..keep up the good work and would be good to hear the complete CD when its ready in Feb as the quality will be much better!
Nice job man! I have a few bits of constructive criticism to share with you. I might be preaching the choir on these points, but please take the time to read them, it might be enlightening.

The production on your stuff needs some serious work. At the most basic level, how everything is recorded. The kit needed to be properly mic-ed on the recordings I listened to, as well as the guitar amps. Consider recording bass direct-in instead of micing an amp. Basic mixing needs to be paid attention to. How are you panning the tracks? From the outset of Divisions, the stereo balance of the track was quite uncomfortable; too much hard panning with nothing on the opposite side to balance it out. Consider double tracking instrumental parts. Studio performances need to be unbelievably tight, because they are the concrete representation of your band!

Songwriting wise, you guys are doing great. My only compliant would be the vocal style, because it seems very unpolished. The closest band I could relate the style of what you are going for to would be Fall of Troy, but I'm not really certain. Keep trying to develop style (as well as intelligibility).

If you guys get a chance, stop by my band Helicopria's thread. I would love to hear your feedback on what we have to offer as well. Keep up the great work!
Max Warwick eh?
You should stop singing, learn bass and then play warwick basses.

but seriously great music guys. Lovin those sweeps in there. I just feel like moshin now.
And props to Canada. If Im bookin a show in southern Ontario Ill be sure to throw you guys on the bill.

Crit back?
Im sorry if I don't stack up to your bands awesomeness :P
Hahaha, I've heard that one before But thank you! I gave you my crit on your thread just a few moments ago.

Also! We are going into the studio within the next week or two for the first time in over a year! We have Michael Salas working on our album artwork right now and we're about to record our pre-production tracks. Wish us luck, and hope to have you guys hear it on the other side!
Good stuff but I'm personally not a fan of the guitar 'wankery' (its jealousy!)

Vocalist has a pretty intense voice, I do hear the Lamb Of God comparison but that's hardly a bad thing!

Pretty nice production for an unsigned band and very traditional Thrash song strctures, rare these days!

6.5/10 IMO
8/10 for the modern Thrash fan. I am biased as I'v moved away from Thrash and more into stuff like Meshuggah/The Faceless.
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Good stuff but I'm personally not a fan of the guitar 'wankery' (its jealousy!)

Vocalist has a pretty intense voice, I do hear the Lamb Of God comparison but that's hardly a bad thing!

Pretty nice production for an unsigned band and very traditional Thrash song strctures, rare these days!

6.5/10 IMO
8/10 for the modern Thrash fan. I am biased as I'v moved away from Thrash and more into stuff like Meshuggah/The Faceless.

Thanks man! I'm totally into Meshuggah, The Faceless, Decapitated, etc. as well. Plus bands like Opeth, Powerglove, Nevermore, Scar Symmetry, Kalmah, all sorts of metal haha. I think the sound of our new material definitely debuts those influences, and I hope you get to hear some of that when we release our EP!

Cheers, and thank you for the kind words
Hey man, I really dig yall's sound. You have a very tight attack, and it's obvious yall can play. The one issue I have with your sound (aside from production) is that some of the leads are just kinda cliched shredding, with nothing that stands out as very original. Other than that though, it's solid, fun thrash, and I would definitely go see yall play in a heartbeat.
Thanks dude! I mentioned in my previous post that our new material has an extremely wider range of influences so keep on the look out for the release of our new EP ("Infortunium") in the next while.

Also, for fellow metal heads from Ontario:

Coming up, October 28th, is SHREDFEST '11 at Club NV in Brantford, Ontario! The line-up is:

Endast - http://www.facebook.com/EndastMusic
Immersed - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Immersed/59446366446
Derelict - http://www.facebook.com/DerelictMetal
Misguided Aggression - http://www.facebook.com/MisguidedAggression
Besegra - http://www.facebook.com/besegrametal
Exes for Eyes - http://www.facebook.com/ExesForEyesMusic

Here's the facebook event page - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=208462749199104